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September 2016

This issue covers underground gas storage, level monitoring, flow measurement, floating roofs, emission monitoring and tank heating. It also includes an update on Asia’s storage market.

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Asia's storage surge
Ng Weng Hoong, Contributing Editor, discusses the Asian storage market's growing role in the volatile global oil sector.

Deep underground
Liane Smith, Wood Group Intetech, UK, highlights the importance of integrity management for operators of underground gas storage wells.

Down to business
The movement of information has to match the movement of product to ensure maximum profitability. Murali Krishnan, Emerson Process Management, Singapore, and Christopher Amstutz, Emerson Process Management, USA, explain how automating procedures and record keeping, and integrating them with automated operations, can improve performance.

Load it up!
Michael Martens, Implico Group, Germany, explains how driver operated loading is taking terminal automation to a new level.

Compare and contrast
Alan Hunt, ABB, UK & Ireland, outlines the benefits of using a contact level sensor compared to a non-contact sensor when monitoring tanks with low dielectric substances.

In demand
Wout Last, Hint, the Netherlands, provides an insight into the increased demand for process control and automation systems.

The wireless way
Scott Keller, SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, USA, explains how operators can optimise tank farm operations using a wireless tank level monitoring system.

Going ultrasonic
Jörg Sacher, FLEXIM GmbH, Germany, outlines the benefits of non-invasive clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement of crude oil for downstream storage and transport applications.

Creating capabilities
John Hoben and?Alex Bukhman, Gauging?Systems,?Inc., USA, examine the new inventory, safety, environmental and operational capabilities that can result from the employment of an advanced tank gauging system.

To close or not to close?
The decision to keep roof tank drains open or closed is an operating dilemma faced by tank farms worldwide. Michael Sprung and Mark Rauch, EnviroEye, LLC, USA, and Chris Chase, InterOcean Systems, USA, outline a newly developed system that can help operators to safely and effectively monitor floating roof drainage.

Keeping you covered
Jeff Heath, Matrix Applied Technologies, USA, examines floating roof technology and how to maximise safety, compliance and profit while minimising risks and operating costs.

The right analyser for the job
Measuring emissions at a gasoline loading terminal can be extremely complicated. Devin Greenfield and Anne Himmelberg, John Zink Hamworthy Combustion, USA, explore the many points to consider when choosing a continuous emission monitoring system analyser for vapour recovery units.

Cracking down on emissions
Monica Jimenez and Annette Garcia, Tanks and Terminals Business Unit, SAGE ATC Environmental Consulting, LLC, USA, discuss the US Environmental Protection Agency's expanded enforcement initiative targeting emissions from storage tanks containing hazardous air pollutants.

Turn up the heat
Chance Carrick, Koch Heat Transfer Company, LP, USA, reviews the benefits of finned tube technology for a range of tank heating requirements.

15 facts on...
This issue gives you 15 facts on storage and distribution!

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