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March 2021

The Spring issue of Tanks & Terminals begins with an overview of the European tanks and terminals sector following a turbulent year. Other topics in this issue include storage tank inspection and maintenance, safety, measurement technology, asset management, and digitalisation.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Paratherm.

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The future of fuels in Europe
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, gives an overview of the European tanks and terminals sector in light of changing fuel usage and the effects of COVID-19, and provides predictions for the future.

Underground installations
Ilan Toledano, Wattco, Canada, describes the process and considerations of installing underground storage tanks (USTs).

No longer a mystery
Edward Cass, Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluids, USA, helps to demystify thermal fluid properties and system operation.

Eye in the sky
Nick Harwood, MISTRAS Group, USA, outlines the use of aerial photogrammetry for mapping and surveying storage tanks.

Adding dimension
Josiah Lau, Novlum Inc., Canada, explains the benefits of 3D storage tank inspection.

Comparing remote inspection methods
Dane Mercer, Provenance Consulting, a Trinity Consultants Co., and Doug Pillars, DSM Nutritional Products, USA, provide a review of different remote tank inspection methods.

The critical zone
Stuart Kenny, Eddyfi Technologies, Canada, explains how new tank floor scanning technology can help to improve probability of detection and coverage in the storage tank critical zone.

The human factor in overfill prevention
Christopher McGonagle and David Zumbaugh, Scully, USA, explain how the ‘human factor’ in tank vehicle loading can cause a bypassing of safety mechanisms.

What you hear is what you get
Carolina Stopkoski, FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp., USA, and Jörg Sacher, FLEXIM GmbH, Germany, discuss how process control can be optimised using non-invasive clamp-on ultrasonic measurement technology.

Intelligent flow control
Nicola Curtis, Rotork, UK, explains the importance of whole life cycle asset management within the oil and gas industry.

Maximising asset capacity
Robin van der Mijl and Priska Diarta, CEA Systems, the Netherlands, explain how technological advancements can be used to maximise asset capacity anytime and anywhere.

Cloud-based thinking
Tim Hoffmeister, Implico Group, depicts a vision of a decentralised, digitised and fully interconnected downstream industry.

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