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March 2019

This issue of Tanks & Terminals includes features on storage tank design and inspection, corrosion, vapour control and level gauging. Our regional report looks at the latest developments in North America.

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Keeping pace
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explains how a burgeoning oil and gas sector in North America is stretching tanks and terminals to the limit.

Winds of change
J. Randolph Kissell, Trinity Consultants, USA, reviews changes being considered for designing storage tanks for wind loads.

Braving the storm
Bruce A. Kaiser, Lightning Master, USA, explains how geodesic domes on storage tanks can be protected from lightning using systems that meet industry standards and recommended practices.

Inside information
Jason Hayes, Trimble, USA, explains how laser technology adds efficiency and detail to storage tank inspection.

Rise of the drones
Phil Buchan, Cyberhawk, UK, overviews the growth of drone-based inspection methods for tank and terminal operators.

Inspector gadgets
Pouya Kamalinejad and Reza Tavakoli, Avestec, Canada, discusses the advantages of adopting robotic technology for asset inspection.

Combatting contamination
Chris Beatty, Crown Oil Environmental, UK, explains how a multitude of measures can be taken to protect against troublesome tank corrosion.

Prevention is better than a cure
Simon Daly, Hempel A/S, UK, outlines the importance of immunising against the threat of corrosion under insulation.

Emissions cutting
Townsend Hilliard, Purgit, USA, discusses how to reduce emissions at tank terminals with vapour recovery.

Don’t take NOx for an answer
Victor Hoffman, Terry McElroy and Matthew Vuong, John Zink Co. LLC, USA, explore how US terminals can meet new throughput levels while also managing the associated environmental impacts.

Paving the way to crude oil vapour control
Marco Puglisi, AEREON, Italy, discusses vapour control solutions for the storage industry.

A routine to rely on
Ben Barker, Cool Sorption, Denmark, outlines methods of improving the availability of vapour recovery units through smart arrangement and maintenance.

Plain sailing
Allyson Golden and Caitlin Geisinger, Burns & McDonnell, explain how a few simple steps can streamline the certification process for marine vapour control systems.

Ditch the stick
Anton Albrand, SkyBitz, a unit of AMETEK Inc., USA, explores how level gauging intelligence can improve tank accuracy.

Level up
Joachim Toffolo, AUMA, Germany, explores how electric actuators in tank farms can take valve automation to the next level.

Big Data in the tank farm
Thomas Ernst, Implico Group, Germany, examines Big Data and outlines the real-world opportunities that arise for tank storage operators from large-scale data processing.

Fighting the freeze
Ilan Toledano, Wattco, Canada, discusses how to use electric heating in colder climates.

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