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March 2018

As well as providing an update on the storage sector in North America, this issue of Tanks & Terminals covers heat technology, tank protection and safety, floating roofs, vapour recovery and tank monitoring.

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North America: storage on the up
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, looks at how expansion and re-orientation of the oil and gas sector in Canada and the US are having profound effects on terminals and storage.

Tools for tank planning
Robert Kessler, Oceaneering International Inc., USA, explains how collaborative tools improve tank planning at increasingly automated liquid storage terminals.

Build on up!
Emerson John, Alliance Tank Service, USA, reveals how tank operators can build higher and gain more capacity by fully utilising their allowable soil bearing capacity.

Preserve and protect
Ilan Toledano, Wattco, USA, outlines immersion heater considerations for storage tanks in the oil and gas industry.

Repair or replace?
Mark Wheeler, Chromalox, USA, explains how tank immersion heaters with replaceable elements can help to lower costs and reduce downtime.

Striking back on lightning
Justin D. Beto, Brazos Midstream, and Bruce A. Kaiser, Lightning Master Corp., USA, considers methods of lightning protection for petroleum terminal facilities.

Fight fire with fire
Robert Kelly, Trelleborg Applied Technologies, introduces a non-water-based fire protection system for flammable liquid storage tanks.

Challenging tank farm management
Ewart Cox, Assentech, UK, emphasises the importance of keeping storage facilities in excellent condition in order to ensure a safe working environment.

Devising an MSS strategy
Raghu Soule, Deepthi Konatham, and Pardha Chennupati, Trinity Consultants, USA, discuss permitting and modelling strategies for maintenance, startup, and shutdown (MSS) activities at crude oil terminals.

Containing emissions
Tunç Türeli, Ergil, Turkey, introduces a new internal floating roof for the storage industry.

Analysing vapour recovery systems
Louis Gansky, Servomex, UK, outlines the technologies involved in solving the vapour recovery challenges faced by terminal operators during marine loading.

Modern-day monitoring
Larry Taylor, OMNTEC Mfg. Inc., USA, and Bernie Mock, PFT-Alexander Inc., USA, discuss tank monitoring requirements for modern-day petroleum and chemical storage facilities.

The power of wireless
Daniel Myers, Bethanne Slaughter and Mark Granger, Emerson Automation Solutions, USA, discuss how to optimise product movement and logistics by leveraging wireless technologies.

Design on demand
Massimiliano Di Febo, Luca Laratro and Pasquale Paganini, IPC, Italy, consider the importance of effective centrifugal pump designs for energy optimisation.

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