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June 2021

The Summer issue of Tanks & Terminals covers topics including environmental technologies, flow metering & level measurement, integrity management, tank coatings, and decommissioning. Our regional report looks at the tanks and terminals sector in North America.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Owens Corning.

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Turning the corner
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, predicts a hopeful future for the tanks and terminals sector in North America.

The time is now
Bernat Sala, TECAM, Spain, outlines the vital role that environmental technologies have to play in the tank storage sector.

The changing landscape of tank storage
Saskia Huber, Linde, Germany, evaluates the changes faced by the tank storage sector at every level.

Cracking a cold case
J. Randolph Kissell, Trinity Consultants, USA, solves a cold case, and outlines how to size wind girders for tanks of any diameter.

Keeping things grounded
Bruce Kaiser, Lightning Master, USA, outlines two different approaches to storage tank grounding.

Safety blanket
Jim DeLee and Richard Koeken, Fluid Components International, USA, discuss the importance of thermal flow meters for safety-critical nitrogen tank blanketing.

Isolating instrumentation
Tai Piazza and Greg Tischler, VEGA Americas, USA, present two case studies to emphasise the importance of being able to isolate instrumentation on a valve and still receive reliable level measurements.

Data for long-term decisions
Ryan Gane, ROSEN, USA, examines how technology that can collect high-resolution data of tank bottoms can help enable long-term integrity management plans.

To spray or not to spray?
Ian Wade, Belzona Polymerics, UK, outlines the benefits of protecting storage tanks with sprayable, polymeric coatings.

Protecting marine structures
Ted Huck, MATCOR Inc., USA, explores cathodic protection options for terminal marine structures including docks, jetties, piers, seawalls and pilings.

Decommissioning spotlight
Richard Vann, RVA Group, UK, explores the process and benefits of asset retirement planning, and why operators should start thinking about the end of a tank’s life earlier than expected.

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