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June 2019

The Summer issue of Tanks & Terminals covers a range of topics including tank inspections and repairs, corrosion protection, leak detection, fire protection and tank gauges. This month’s regional report looks at the ever-changing European storage sector.

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Marching on?
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, assesses the opportunities and challenges facing the ever-changing storage and terminals industry in Europe.

Tank shell solutions
Devon Brendecke, Quest Integrity, USA, offers an approach to shell distortion damage that can reduce and sometimes entirely avoid the need for repair.

Next level analysis
Kah-Kan Chan, TEAM Tank Consultants, USA, outlines the importance of detecting and predicting aboveground storage tank issues before extensive damage occurs.

Finding the needle in a haystack
Jürgen Wölke, ROSEN Group, Germany, explains the importance of carrying out API 653 inspections on storage tanks in order to ensure safe and economical operation.

Requiring more than an eagle eye
Stuart Kenny, Eddyfi® Technologies, UK, investigates non-intrusive inspection solutions emerging from technological advances.

Whatever the weather
Darren Hull, LINE-X of Europe, UK, demonstrates how polyureas and polyurethanes can provide protection and economic savings for petrochemical plants and refineries.

A proactive protection programme
Kevin Pastotnik and Kelsey May, MESA, USA, explain how vapour phase corrosion inhibitor technology improves the performance of traditional cathodic protection when correctly applied to soil-side assets.

Patching up problems
Laurette Sapin Cuiret and Olivier Marin, 3X ENGINEERING, Monaco, take a look at composite solutions for storage tank repair and reinforcement.

The value of knowledge
Chris Chase, Interocean Systems, USA, overviews the health, safety and environmental benefits of automated leak and spill detection technologies for the tank storage and terminal industry.

An alarming problem
Raul Risi, TTK, France, compares various methods to achieve reliable leak detection on storage tanks and terminals.

Fighting fire with foam
Andras T. Peller, Swiss Fire Protection R&D AG, Switzerland, examines the establishment of a fire protection system for storage tanks and technological areas.

Measurement of water in crude storage tanks
Alexander Bukhman, Gauging Systems, USA, provides an overview of the measurement of water content in crude storage tanks with a modern multi-sensor hydrostatic gauge.

Proving the pudding
Brendan Robson, TÜV SÜD NEL, UK, explains why it is important to improve the use of provers to accurately measure flow.

Build it on up
Quinten Eyckmans, Madesta, Latvia, explores the growth of subcontracting out steel prefabrication activities within the tank storage construction industry.

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