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December 2020

The Winter issue of Tanks & Terminals covers a range of features including tank maintenance & repairs; coatings; cleaning & inspection; level measurement and tank gauging. In this month’s regional report, we assess the tanks and terminals sector in the Middle East and North Africa following the disruption caused by COVID-19.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Paratherm.

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Light at the end of the tunnel
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, predicts hope for the tanks and terminals sector in the Middle East and North Africa, following the disruption caused by COVID-19.

Timing is everything
Jeff Heath, Matrix Applied Technologies, USA, discusses the risks of adopting welded aluminium internal floating roofs prematurely.

Ready to replace?
Ed Cass, Paratherm, USA, outlines important things to consider when cleaning, flushing, draining and charging a thermal oil system.

Prepare to protect
Steve Houghton, Groome Industrial Service Group, USA, examines the cost implications of planned vs unplanned surface preparation and coatings work on tanks and pipelines.

The rise of polymeric repairs
Ian Wade, Belzona Polymerics, UK, explores the advantages of polymeric repairs to storage tanks over traditional repair techniques.

Raising the roof on inspection programmes
Brandon Austin, DirecTank Environmental Products, USA, provides an analysis into improved inspection, evaluation, and repair criteria for tank products.

Ready to operate
From integrity assessment to repairs, a lot goes into getting an oil and gas terminal facility back in operation. Rei Wizwan Abdullah Nawawi and Sherman Anthony Nunis, ROSEN Malaysia, explain.

Advanced engineering analysis
Cory WJ Sutherland and Derrick McCain, TEAM Inc., USA, analyse how a comprehensive integrity programme paired with advanced engineering can minimise risk and support the overall health of tank storage assets.

A tight squeeze
Wayne Bergin, Adler and Allan, UK, discusses the risks of confined space entry for tank cleaning and the critical compliance measures that keep workers safe from harm.

Probe and prevent
Raul Risi, TTK, France, outlines how early detection of storage tank leaks can be achieved through sense cable and probe technology.

The cost of coatings in level measurement
Bob Irving, AMETEK STC, USA, explores coating issues and their solutions on level switches and level measurement equipment.

The measure of success
Edgar L. Dohmann, Gauging Systems Inc., USA, compares conventional and modern tank gauging technologies and outlines how to obtain the data required for accurate accounting and tank integrity monitoring.

Digitalising terminal operations
Akiko Shinozaki and Kim Hock Teo, Yokogawa, Japan, explain how digitisation can be used to improve and optimise operations and maintenance.

Perfect harmony
David Morrow, OPW Engineered Systems, USA, highlights the importance of choosing the right loading arm system to optimise terminal operations.

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