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September 2018

The September issue begins by looking at the recovery of the North American upstream industry before going on to cover a range of technical features. These include: Downhole Tools, Exploration Technology, Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing, Water Management, Oilfield Chemicals, and Safety & Security.

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World news

Full steam ahead
Oilfield Technology Correspondent, Gordon Cope, reports on the recovery of North America’s oil and gas sector.

Forging a new path
Jason Criss, INOVA Geophysical, USA, discusses recent advancements in cableless acquisition systems.

From CPU to GPU
Brad Tolbert, Stone Ridge Technology, USA, demonstrates the power of GPUs for reservoir simulation.

On top of the spread
Jo Firth and Vetle Vinje, CGG, explore the challenges of imaging the shallow reservoirs of the Barents Sea.

A marine mission in the Middle East
James Wallace, Polarcus, UK, considers whether towed streamer acquisition can be effective in a heavily congested area.

New kid on the block
JJ Herman, Shear Bits, Canada, discusses recent hybrid technology advancements and their application through case studies.

Turning the tide with biocides
Christina Pampena and Jon Raymond, Dow Microbial Control, consider the growth of glut-quat blends and their impact on hydraulic fracturing operations.

Driving forward with dissolvables
Andrew Sherman and Anupam Ghildyal, Terves, USA, discuss the expanding use of dissolvable tools in the oil and gas industry.

Completions Q&A
Oilfield Technology invited experts from CARBO, Frank’s International, Caterpillar, and Tendeka to share their knowledge on a variety of Completions topics.

Changing the game
Maurillio Addario, READ Cased Hole, UK, discusses recent developments in the use of MEMS technology downhole.

A Midland Basin mystery
Joel Mazza, Carrie Glaser, and Ellen Scott, Fracture ID, USA, consider integrating measured high resolution geomechanics and petrophysics to analyse neighbouring well performance through a Midland Basin case study.

Ahead of the curve
Claire Kennedy Platt, Jeff Clausen, and Rohan D’Souza, NOV, USA, explain how a new development in drilling motor technology is increasing operational efficiency.

Reimagining safety
Matthew Boucher, Clock Spring Company, Inc., USA, reveals how a different perspective on risk management can deliver creative solutions that improve worker safety.

Betting on the benefits of blockchain
Duncan Greatwood, Xage Security, USA, discusses how blockchain technology is reinventing oilfield cybersecurity.

Saying goodbye to bacteria
Marcus Davidson and Sherrill Gammon, Kemira, discuss the long-term preservation of water-based drilling muds.

Policing produced water
Dr. Ming Yang, TUV SUD NEL, UK, discusses a joint industry project that aims to make online oil-in-water monitors for produced water discharge reporting commonplace.

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