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May 2018

The May issue of Oilfield Technology begins by providing an overview of the oil and gas industry across Europe. The issue then moves on to cover a range of upstream oil and gas industry subjects, including: Innovations in Exploration, Seismic Modelling, Extended Reach Drilling, Cementing, Unconventionals, Reservoir Stimulation, Drilling Fluids, and Digital Oilfield Technologies.

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World news

A light at the end of the tunnel
David Bizley, Oilfield Technology, discusses recent developments in the European oil and gas sector.

Streaming ahead
Andrew Long, PGS, Australia, examines best practice 4D streamer survey lessons, principally repeated acquisition and increased 4D signal detection.

Creating a clearer picture
Phillip Hargreaves, Spectrum GEO, UK, explores the process of examining source rock presence in frontier offshore basins using satellite imagery and seismic cross sections.

Small solutions, big impact
Jeff Forsyth, Alex Borisov, and Hai Wang, nFluids, Canada, explore working with nano based drilling fluids.

This feature showcases technologies designed to handle the harshest conditions faced by the global oil and gas industry. Contributions come from:

SA Equip – Taking back the power – Louise Green, UK, discusses the importance of understanding the environment where operations are taking place and the potential risks involved.
Subsea Technologies Limited – Unlocking subsea solutions – Drummond Lawson, UK, explores the importance of collaboration when developing new technologies.

Let’s get this straight
Alistair Blair, Merlin ERD Limited, UK, discusses wellbore quality issues in high angle drilling.

Operating under pressure
Sudhendu Kashikar, Reveal Energy Services, USA, shows how pressure-based fracture maps allow for informed decisions and increased efficiency.

Maximising returns
Travis Harris, Packers Plus Energy Services, USA, discusses improving reservoir stimulation efficiency in extended reach laterals.

Analysis of a digital revolution
Mahesh Konduru, ProSep, USA, discusses how far digitisation and digitalisation have come in creating value within oilfield services.

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