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June 2013

The June issue of Oilfield Technology contains a lead feature on the topic of drill bits, and also looks at seismic, deepwater technology, directional drilling and cementing. The regional report this month looks at Russia.

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Editorial Comment
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World News

Oil and gas: from Russia with love?
Louise Taggart, AKE, UK, looks at how the upstream oil and gas industry functions in Russia, and considers the challenges and opportunities inherent in operating in the country.

Mind the gap
Simon Drysdale, BP, UK, explains how investing in current talent is helping to bridge the skills gap in the global oil and gas industry.

Managing the human resource
Laura Drysdale, Change International Recruitment, UK, explains how the growth in demand for hydrocarbons has fuelled a boom in the deepwater market, which is stretching the limits of manpower availability.

Opening up the Arctic
Matt Corbin, Aker Solutions, UK, provides an overview of the development of a subsea gas compression system that could pave the way to easier operations in the Arctic.

Mapping out the arguments
Cyril Widdershoven, TNO, the Netherlands, shows how the arguments for and against the production of shale gas in the EU are mapped out, and explains the political-economic decisions that need
to be made.

Cable free collection
Doug Crice, Wireless Seismic, USA, examines the growing range of cableless seismic systems available to operators, and compares these with traditional cable-based systems.

Not all are created equal
Tyler Cobb, Baker Hughes, USA, reiterates the importance of selecting the correct drill bit from the perspective of operators and contractors.

Drill bit developments
Todd Bielawa and Jack Castle, Century Products, Inc., USA, outline some recent developments in drill bit technology that are helping operators continue to get the job done in ever-harsher conditions.

Getting a bit more
Cary Maurstad, Varel International, USA, takes a look at some of the latest advances in drill bit technology that are helping oil producers drill faster and further.

Moving on with MWD
Steve Krase, Ryan Directional Services, USA, gives us a look at a unique approach to MWD for unconventional wells.

Putting up barriers
Paul Hazel, Welltec A/S, UK, explains how improved annular barriers lead to better completions.

Keep on your toes
Stephen J. Chauffe, TEAM Oil Tools, USA, examines a new hydraulic toe valve designed for a cemented environment.

Seal the deal
Sean Hollis and David Brown, CSI-Technologies, USA, show how common well repair problems can be overcome with an engineered sealant.

Foam-free cementing
Amir Mahmoudkhani, Kemira, USA, explores the advantages of green innovations in defoamers for cementing applications.

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