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July 2018

The July issue begins by taking a look at the produced-water challenges faced by operators in the Permian Basin. The issue then moves on to cover a range of topics, including: Hydraulic Fracturing, Water Treatment/Management, Completions, Flow Control, Proppants & Chemicals, Mooring, and Coiled Tubing. The issue also includes an EXTREME feature, which looks at technologies designed to allow operators work in the harshest conditions faced by the industry.

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World news

Permian Basin: produced water challenges
Ryan Duman, Wood Mackenzie, USA, reviews the risks posed by produced water in the Permian Basin.

Every grain counts
Herman Coello, Siemens, USA, discusses automation solutions that optimise the efficiency of utilising native Texas sand for fraccing.

Seeking a singular future
Rair Barraez, Stage Completions, USA, discusses the advantages of single-point entry completions.

Making moves with microseismic monitoring
Ted Urbancic, Gisela Viegas and Doug Angus, ESG Solutions, J.M. Thompson and D. Anderson, Anderson Thompson Reservoir Strategies, explore whether characterising stimulation effectiveness can be achieved through microseismic monitoring.

Performing under pressure
Bruce Reichert, Tenaris, USA, reviews the transformation of the coiled tubing industry during the market downturn and the growth of a string with unconventional performance.

Lateral thinking
Jason Glascock, C&J Energy Services, USA, explains how new technology is allowing operators to improve fracture stimulation execution and optimise horizontal wells by leveraging on-hand drilling data.


This feature showcases technologies designed to handle the harshest conditions faced by the global oil and gas industry. Contributions come from:
Apergy Corporation – A PEEK into the future – Jeff Done and Darla Bugg, USA, discuss using a polyether ether ketone blend to allow rod guides to perform reliably in operating temperatures as high as 480°F.
Nanoramic Laboratories – Advancing downhole energy storage – Joseph Lane, USA, discusses utilising high temperature capacitors for rechargeable storage.

Enabling efficient far field fracturing
Andrew Sherman and Anupam Ghildyal, Terves, USA, review a recent development in expandable proppants.

The scale of the problem
Joshua Leasure, CARBO, USA, describes a proppant-delivered solution to the widespread problem of scale deposition in the oilfield.

Tackling unconventional shale plays
Yannick Harvey, TETRA Technologies, USA, examines best practices for oilfield water management.

Digging deepwater
Clement Mochet and Dan Pedersen, Vryhof, Norway, review five key criteria for mooring and anchoring success.

Go with the flow
Peter Vander Grinten and Jim Braxton, Badger Meter, USA, investigate electromagnetic flow meters as a solution for demanding oilfield applications.

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