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February 2018

The February issue begins by taking a look at the state of the Russian oil and gas industry before reviewing a range of technical subjects, including: Advances in Drilling, MWD/LWD, Rig Design, Completions/Cementing, Drilling Fluids, Flow Control, Integrity Management, and more.

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World news

Coming in from the cold
David Bizley, Oilfield Technology, discusses recent developments in the Russian oil and gas sector.

Drilling advances: an overview
Oilfield Technology Correspondent, Gordon Cope, reports on how service companies and operators are using inventive technologies and processes to improve drilling.

Increasing magnetic ranging accuracy
Georgy Rassadkin, Douglas Ridgway, and Clinton Moss, Scientific Drilling International, USA and Canada, discuss increasing the accuracy of magnetic ranging by using simultaneous gyro referencing.

A combined future
Colby Champagne and Katie Poché, Frank’s International, USA, explore recent developments in casing and drilling technology.

The shape of things to come
Federico Bellin, Varel, USA, discusses how changing the geometry of standard flat PDC cutters alters forces at the bit for greater efficiency and higher ROP.

Vibration mitigation
Farhod Hamidov, BICO Drilling Tools, Inc., and Sachin Rajadhyaksha and Meghan Paulson, K&M Technology Group, show how operators can use bypass tools to optimise hole cleaning and off bottom vibration mitigation in horizontal wells.

Creating clear fluid solutions
Lenus King, TETRA Technologies, USA, reviews a range of chemical products designed to counter challenges within the petroleum industry.

Building better mousetraps
Matt Offenbacher, AES Drilling Fluids, USA, discusses the advantages of leveraging promising chemical technology from the past to inspire new solutions for today.

Safer, faster, greener
Dieter Wijning, Huisman, the Netherlands, explains how new automation and robotics technologies are improving the safety and efficiency of drilling operations.

This feature showcase technologies designed to handle the harshest conditions faced by the global oil and gas industry. Contributions come from:
WeatherfordImproving wellbore isolation, Keith Adams shows how safe and reliable wellbore isolation can be achieved in extreme environments with VO-rated retrievable bridge plugs.
Hardide CoatingsCountering remote and hostile frontiers, Dr. Yuri Zhuk explores coatings that maximise equipment and component life in extreme environments.
FairfieldNodalUnderwater innovation, John Smythe explains how safety, efficiency and data quality drives the development of new technology in ocean bottom nodes.

Data-driven world
Liane Smith, Wood, UK, explains the need for asset intelligence to achieve reliability, productivity and financial control.

Doing more with multiphase meters
Lars Anders Ruden, Emerson Automation Solutions, Norway, shows how innovations in multiphase metering are being used to overcome obstacles, such as changing conditions and costs.

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