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December 2022

Oilfield Technology’s final issue of 2022 issue kicks off with a review of the current state of the MENA regions’ oil and gas sector. Following this, our cover advertiser, AES Drilling Fluids, explain how data analytics can lead to more cost-effective drilling solutions. The rest of the issue is packed full of technical editorial on the topics of hydraulic fracturing, offshore and subsea technology, drill bits, safety, and much more!

This month's front cover is brought to you by AES Drilling Fluids

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The Making Of MENA
Oilfield Technology’s Deputy Editor, Emily Thomas, provides an overview of the upstream oil and gas sector in the MENA region, and discusses the opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

Refining The Risks
Matthew Offenbacher and Richard Toomes, AES Drilling Fluids, USA, explain how data analytics can lead to simpler, more cost-effective drilling solutions.

Up For The Challenge
Jessica Stump and Matt Jennings, NOV, USA, discuss recent advances in drill bit technologies and their advantages in challenging drilling environments.

Optimising Vessel Operations
Ali Cetin and Vegard Solum, 4Subsea, and Cristina Evans, Subsea7, Norway, explain how machine learning and digital technologies based on data are paving the way for improved vessel response predictions, as well as better informed operability and weather windows.

An Underwater Upgrade
Greensea Systems Inc., USA, considers how the upstream oil and gas industry’s underwater operations could be on the cusp of a period of technological development.

Connectivity Is Key
Alastair MacLeod, Ground Control, UK, explains why consistent, reliable connectivity is vital for the upstream oil and gas industry to monitor and analyse data and enable quick and effective business decisions.

Rewriting The Rule Book
Roar Sletta, Norway, and Fouzi Bouillouta, UAE, Baker Hughes, explain how digital technologies are rewriting the rule book for the upstream oil and gas sector during a time of transition.

A Deep Dive Into Robotic Technologies
Danny Constantinis, EM&I Group, Malta, outlines the advantages of robotic, diverless subsea technologies over more traditional manual methods.

Microbial Control Management
Anup Rama, LANXESS, USA, explains how the right biocide solution can optimise oilfield productivity, hydrocarbon quality, and asset integrity at a reasonable cost.

The Human Factor
Marina Mieli, Wild Well Control, Brazil, discusses the importance of prioritising a solid safety programme in order to mitigate and minimise human error within well control operations.

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