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August 2018

The August issue of Oilfield Technology begins with a review of the upstream sector in the North Sea, before moving on to cover a variety of industry topics. These include: Offshore Challenges, Wireline Technology, Pumps & Compressors, EOR, Corrosion Prevention, and more.

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World news

Fit for the future
Mohammed Chunara, KPMG, UK, discusses the resilience and transformation of the UK Continental Shelf.

Safety at sea
Alain Wassink, GustoMSC, The Netherlands, discusses recent developments in lifting and wireline tool technology aimed at improving offshore safety.

A critical insight into riser conditions
Kenneth Bhalla and Kelly Fisher, Stress Engineering Services, USA, and Jason Waligura, Laserstream, USA, examine a life cycle condition-based monitoring and maintenance solution for drilling risers.

Working with wireline technology
Paul Worthington, Robertson Geo, UK, and Brad Posner, Consultant, USA, discuss the development of a new open-hole oil and gas wireline logging system for exploration and production wells, from design through to engineering and manufacture.

A helping hand
Danny Constantinis, EM&I, UK, reviews the importance of managing the integrity of offshore floating assets.

Rig design Q&A
Oilfield Technology invited experts from NABORS and NOV to share their knowledge on a variety of rig design topics.

Breaking the cycle
Michael Doster, Rubicon Oilfield International, USA, discusses a new development in vibratory tool technology.

Reducing risk, retaining revenue
Mette Lind Fûrstnow and Paul Hazel, Welltec, discuss the importance of choosing the right well technology in order to mitigate risk.

Keeping pipelines at peak performance
Adam Bozick, Victaulic, USA, reviews new alternatives for the management of pipeline corrosion.

Pushing PCP performance
Bastien Limoges, PCM, France, outlines the rules and guidelines that should be followed when using PCP systems.

Improving production economics
David Kimery, Jeff Saponja, and Camille Jensen, HEAL Systems, Canada, show how artificial lift technology can mitigate a range of flow issues and enhance well economics.

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