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April 2018

The April issue of Oilfield Technology leads with an in-depth review of the upstream industry in the Gulf of Mexico. The issue also includes this year’s OTC Technology Review, which focuses on some of the innovative technologies and processes being showcased at this year’s show. The issue also contains features on: Offshore Challenges, Downhole Tools, Pumping Technology, Flow Assurance, Oilfield Chemicals, Deepwater Operations, Offshore Pipeline Services, Workovers & Interventions, and Corrosion Prevention.

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Guest comment

World news

Back in the limelight
Oilfield Technology Correspondent, Gordon Cope, notes that the US Gulf of Mexico is once more generating significant production increases. However, does the long-term future of the gulf belong to Mexico’s portion?

Making a mark on mature markets
Dennis Vollmar, Herrenknecht Vertical, Germany, explores how hydraulic rig technology is enabling drilling contractors to be competitive in mature markets.

Completing the cycle
Claire Kennedy Platt, Danny Perez, and Steven Isaacks, NOV, USA, discuss how friction reduction technology increases efficiency in every well phase.

Investing in well integrity
Atle Sørhus, Silje Harestad and Roar Pedersen, Archer, explain how a cost-saving retrieval plug solution can help improve well integrity.

Improving subsea installations
Collin Gaskill, Trelleborg, USA, outlines the future of subsea installation and field development.

Revealing corrosion with robots
Andreas Boenisch, Innospection Ltd, UK, reviews advanced robotic systems designed to perform splash zone and subsea inspection.

The perils of the sea
Steve Simpson, Viper Innovations, UK, discusses solutions for electrical breakdowns of subsea systems submerged in water.

Improving subsea pumping
Sven Olson, Leistritz, USA, explains why multiphase twin-screw subsea pumps are an efficient technology for boosting ageing, low energy reservoirs and long tie-backs.

The brave new world of electric frac
Jeff Fraser, ST9 Gas + Oil, USA, discusses new developments in electric fraccing technology.

Oilfield Technology contacted a range of key players in the upstream industry and asked for their insight on the latest technologies and applications being showcased at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).

Keeping corrosion at bay
Alex Lattimer, Flexitallic, discusses the importance of preventing flange face corrosion in oilfield environments.

Permanent pipe-work repair
Karen Brown, TSG Marine, UK, analyses a new permanent pipe-work repair solution that avoids hot work and pipe replacement.

Cutting out corrosion
Timothy R. Cappel, Superior Products International II, USA, discusses corrosion mitigation and high temperature insulation coatings.

Planning ahead
James Burroughs, Oil Spill Response Limited, explains how when it comes to the logistics of oil spill response, planning is key.

Mapping out the future
Norman Glen, NEL, UK, explains why tomography will map the future of multiphase flow measurement.

A witches’ brew
Emma Perfect, LUX Assure, UK, discusses controlling costs and efficiency using on-site chemical monitoring.

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