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October 2020

The October issue of LNG Industry features a regional report that provides assessment of the state of the Middle Eastern LNG and natural gas market. The issue also includes a range of technical articles covering the following topics: FLNG, cryogenic equipment, monitoring and maintenance, ship-to-ship transfer, and software.

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Rising for a drifting goal
Aditya Saraswat and Carlos Torres Diaz, Rystad Energy, Norway, assess the state of the Middle Eastern LNG and natural gas market, where the region is experiencing a rise in production but not seeing a similar increase in exports.

Making waves in a sea of energy solutions
Zeynep Harezi, Karpowership, Turkey, explains how floating powerships can provide a fast and reliable turnkey energy solution, especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

Two is better than one? Not always
Mark Roberts, Annemarie Weist, William Kennington, Air Products, USA, review advancements in dual mixed refrigerant liquefaction technology: single pressure vs dual pressure.

Clamp on and stay cool
Carolina Stopkoski, FLEXIM AMERICAS Corporation, USA, and Jörg Sacher, FLEXIM GmbH, Germany, detail the challenges and advantages of non-invasive LNG flow measurement with clamp-on ultrasonic technology.

Out with the old
Cameron Murray, Arnlea, UK, outlines how LNG operators can implement digital transformation, considering asset management issues and hazardous inspections.

A story of ship-to-ship transfers
Stuart Goddard, LNGSTS, UK, provides an overview of the emergence of the LNG ship-to-ship transfer sector and its continued expansion.

Tug barge teamwork
Tom Sullivan, NorthStar Midstream, USA, details the construction of an articulated tug barge unit that is set to be the largest LNG ATB operating in North America.

Prep for a greener future
Louise Andersson, MAN Cryo, Sweden, outlines the capacity to offer cryogenic systems that will assist companies as they strive for decarbonisation.

Stay on the safe side
Emily Harrell, RegO, USA, outlines the safety elements of cryogenic equipment, with a focus on LNG fuelling stations and fuelling cylinders.

Innovation dominates the seas
Giancarlo Geninatti, Vanzetti Engineering, Italy, details the application of submerged and reciprocating pumps in the marine sector.

Get the numbers right
Chris Strickland, Martin Ogden, and Boda Kang, Lacima Group, consider the key drivers of value, risks and rewards in the LNG market, and detail the potential future outlook.

Clever co-ordination
Remasankar S, IBS Software Americas, USA, evaluates the need for a robust integrated technology platform, using logistics transformation models and asset optimisation.

15 facts on... the Middle East

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