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November 2019

The November 2019 issue of LNG Industry includes a detailed report on emerging markets, as well as a number of technical articles, covering topics such as LNG trade & finance, heat exchangers, compressors & turbines, LNG distribution and regasification equipment.

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LNG news

A new market emerges
Bernadette Cullinane and Nye Hill, Deloitte, Australia, outline how and why emerging markets are the next big opportunity for LNG.

At the heart of the process
Brian Pettinato and Enver Karakas, Elliott Group, USA, discuss the various turbomachinery services that are at the heart of LNG plants.

Opening the door to peak performance
Stefano Belloni, Compressor Controls Corp., USA; and Fabio Giove and Roberto Valoti, IMI Critical, Italy, discuss how integrated antisurge control and antisurge valve technology is solving some of LNG’s most critical challenges and opening the door to peak performance.

Ahead of the curve
Nathan Brunell and Alessandro Bernardi, Baker Hughes, explore the latest trends and developments in the cryogenic valve sector.

The path to maritime sustainability
Marika Venturi, OLT Offshore LNG Toscana, Italy, reviews the status of LNG in today’s natural gas market, and discusses the emergence of small scale LNG and its role in the Italian energy industry.

A flexible design for a flexible market
Kjetil Sjølie Strand, LNT Marine, Norway, provides an overview of a new LNG containment system developed specifically to address the need for more local and regional distribution of LNG.

Finding the balance
Tor-Ivar Guttlesrod, ABS, Norway, discusses how demand for small scale units must balance the business case against local regulations and longer-term energy market risks.

The fight for the LNG crown
Mark Davis, ION Allegro, USA, discusses Australia’s role in the uncertain global LNG market.

Reduced size, reduced costs
Peter Kauders, CDE Projects, UK, and Robert Broad, GESMEX, Germany, outline how compact, welded plate heat exchangers can be used to reduce LNG plant costs.

15 facts on... Emerging Markets

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