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March 2009

On this month's cover: In a promising new approach to commercialise mobile liquefaction technology, the world’s first floating LNG (FLNG) facility has been commissioned

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Editorial comment

LNG News
LNG News

A Middle East focus
Ng Weng Hoong, Oilfield Technology Correspondent, discusses divergent visions for the Middle East.

As easy as LNG
Neil Jaques, RSK, UK, reports on how Dubai is combating its energy woes with LNG.

The future of LNG shipping
Keith Bainbridge, LNG Shipping Solutions, UK, considers the likely future for LNG ships.

Containment challenges
Bruno Dabouis, Bureau Veritas, France, discusses the new demands for containment systems.

A spherical system
Tor Skogan and Lars Sannes, Moss Maritime, Norway, provide an overview of a spherical LNG tank design.

A floating first
Trym Tveitnes, Egil Rokstad and Anne Kristine Lund, FLEX LNG, UK, discuss the development of the world’s first FLNG production unit.

Biting into the offshore LNG market
Paul Barclay and Nicolas Jestin, Saipem, France, discuss a floating LNG project.

Monetising stranded gas fields
Harke Meek, SBM Offshore, Monaco, and Bob Wowk, Linde, Germany, discuss a joint venture using floating liquefaction solutions.

LNG transfer solutions
Laurent Poidevin, FMC Technologies, France, looks at offshore LNG transfer solutions.

Lending a hand
Robin Boot, The Netherlands, Kanon, explains the basic and symmetric designs of marine loading arms.

Targeting stranded gas reserves
Patrice Bardon, Dresser-Rand, USA, discusses new technology to target the world’s stranded gas reserves.

Heat exchange flow path
Joe Belling, Chart, USA, discusses the use of brazed aluminium plate fin heat exchangers in various LNG applications.

Stay tuned
Samuel C. Miller, SpectraSensors Inc., USA, presents a new tunable diode laser analyser technology that helps to prevent catastrophic ice formation in LNG liquefaction.

A low carbon solution
Peter J H Carnell and Vince Atma Row, Johnson Matthey, UK, discuss how fixed bed absorbents can provide a low carbon option.

Advances in cargo handling simulation
Steffen Hårstad Jensen, Kongsberg Maritime, Norway, discusses the innovation fuelled developments in LNG cargo handling simulation.

Stepping up LNG training
Jobert E. Abueva, The Oxford Princeton Programme, UK, considers a multidimensional approach to training.

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