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June 2022

The June issue of LNG Industry contains an array of technical articles discussing topics such as LNG storage tanks, LNG shipping, metering and monitoring, software and solutions, cryogenic equipment, as well as a regional report on the US LNG market.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Aspen Aerogels

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A land of growth and opportunity
Ruth Liao and Fauzeya Rahman, ICIS, US, look at the US LNG landscape, outlining the wave of LNG projects that have been kick-started as global political tensions rise.

Looking to Alaska
Timothy Fitzpatrick, Alaska AGDC, US, looks at how the Alaska LNG Project could minimise the impact on the climate, specifically in relation to its greenhouse gas lifecycle.

Capturing carbon
Diego Di Domenico Pinto, Hovyu B.V., the Netherlands, and Ralph H. Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc., US, discuss the decarbonisation of the maritime sector, and how ship-based carbon capture can play its part in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of LNG-fuelled vessels.

From farm to fuel
Frej Olsen, Head of LNG, MAKEEN Energy, Denmark, discusses the advantages of investing in bio-LNG, focusing on the sustainable benefits of the switch, including harnessing waste products as a resource.

Surge in simulation
Dong-qing Chen and Jen-chiang Hsieh, CTCI Corporation, Taiwan, discuss the importance of accurately calculating the surge pressure and force for an LNG terminal piping system, and how simulations can help to achieve this.

One of a kind
Alexander Cooperman, Jeffrey C. Garrison, and Charles H. Venderley, CB&I, US, outline how the development of the first double steel, full containment LNG tank could shake up the LNG industry.

Out with the old, in with the new
Kevin J. Frantz, Nikkiso Integrated Cryogenic Solutions, US, outlines how, in the transition to clean energy, LNG is filling in the gaps that have occurred between the actual renewable energy supply and total energy demand.

Time is money
Mark Krajewski, Aspen Aerogels, US, discusses how specification of the right insulation can significantly impact the start-up of LNG facilities, allowing them to begin ahead of schedule.

Creating cool
Francesco Dioguardi and Peter Lamberts, Stirling Cryogenics, the Netherlands, consider boil-off gas (BOG) management for the maritime industry, looking at the different ways BOG reliquefiers can be integrated onto bunker barges and into LNG production facilities.

Intelligent asset management
Alesio Lanzara (Australia), Peter Carydias (Australia), Hardeep Dhaliwal (US), and Numan Mir (UK), Wood, set out an end-to-end framework that can help LNG industry operators maximise the value of predictive maintenance and move towards the remotely operated, autonomous plant.

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