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June 2018

This month’s special World Gas Conference issue has the US in mind with regional report contributions from the Economist Intelligence Unit and Cheniere looking at what we can expect from the US LNG industry in the near-future. Elsewhere in the issue we feature comment on LNG as a transportation fuel, gas pretreatment, valves, and more.

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LNG news

LNG’s third wave
Peter Kiernan, The Economist Intelligence Unit, UK, analyses the big US volumes entering the market in 2018 – 2019.

Making history
Eben Burnham-Snyder, Cheniere Energy, USA, gives an overview of the current status of the company’s projects and outlines why it is well-placed to compete for future demand.

Has boutique LNG gone mainstream? (Part 2)
Kindra Snow-McGregor and John Sheffield, Petroskills|John M Campbell, USA, examine the development of LNG in North America as both a transportation fuel and an alternative for flare gas reduction/utilisation.

Engine evolution
Drew Robb, Robb Editorial, UK, examines the evolution of LNG in propulsion, and where the technology is heading.

New drivers
Jörg Müller, TGE Marine Gas Engineering, Germany, states the case for LNG as the best fuel to significantly reduce emissions from marine vessels.

Supporting the transition
Lars Skytte Jørgensen, Alfa Laval, Denmark, details how the company is supporting the marine industry’s transition to LNG with comprehensive equipment solutions.

The favoured fuel
Peter Keller, SEA\LNG, states the case for LNG as a marine fuel for the future.

Success validates choice
Marcel Ott, Winterthur Gas & Diesel, Switzerland, looks back on an interesting year for the company.

A viable alternative
Jose Navarro, Lloyd’s Register, considers all aspects of LNG’s role and potential as an alternative fuel.

Too much of a good thing
Hao Jiang and Shawn Hoffart, Black & Veatch Corporation, explore and evaluate a selection of options for the removal of excess nitrogen.

Sampling with simplicity
Jake Tivey, Orbital Gas Systems, USA, highlights the pitfalls of inaccurate representation in trace measurement and emphasises the importance of gathering fast, representative results in LNG sample systems.

Pumps of the future
Nicolas Fariney, Fives Cryomec, Switzerland, discusses the current state of the cryogenic pump sector and how manufacturers are making the ‘pumps of the future’ a reality today.

Digital transformation in LNG plants
Craig Abbott, Emerson Automation Solutions, Australia, outlines how the process of digital transformation changes the way plant data is collected, analysed, and distributed.

Rethinking LNG infrastructure
Soili Städter, Valmet, Finland, outlines the company’s strategy to create growth for services in the LNG industry.

World Gas Conference 2018 preview
LNG Industry previews a selection of companies that will be exhibiting at this year’s World Gas Conference in Washington, USA.

A new near shore LNG concept
Noritaka Takata, Jeff Knox, Puneet Sharma, and Dan Winkler, MODEC International Inc., USA, discuss a new combined floating and grounded LNG offshore gas field liquefaction, storage, offloading, and power generation concept with worldwide application possibilities.

Balancing risk
Paul Sullivan, Steelhead LNG, USA, discusses balancing the risk management challenges of LNG assets and projects.

15 facts on... the USA

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