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February 2022

The February issue of LNG Industry features a detailed report discussing the LNG market in Europe and the Mediterranean, in addition to being packed full of in-depth technical articles covering LNG bunkering, terminal construction, heat exchangers, and more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Gas & Heat S.p.a.

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Regions on the rise
Nina Howell (Partner), Ro Lazarovitch (Partner), and Adam Quigley (Associate), Bracewell, UK, consider some of the characteristics of Europe’s LNG sub-regions and the role of LNG in the Mediterranean.

A break-bulk breakthrough Gediminas Jotauta, Eimutis Gandramavicius, and Martynas Tamošaitis, AB Klaipedos nafta, Lithuania, discuss the lessons learned regarding FSRU break-bulking and the preparation required to introduce this service into terminal operations.

20 Keep calm and carry LNG
Dalibor Ivanisevic, STS Marine Solutions, Croatia, discusses the choice of small scale LNG and how different ship types can deliver whilst keeping OPEX down.

A dynamic metering philosophy
Mike Shepherd, Alderley, UK, explains the advantages of dynamic measurement systems for LNG automation and control, and how they can open up new opportunities in today’s digital age.

One core logistics centre
Jani Hautaluoma, Valmet, Finland, describes how innovative technologies can make small scale virtual pipelines a profitable reality.

Perks of picking the right material
Barinder J S Ghai, Sandvik Materials Technology, UK, details a material improvement in extending the life of LNG vaporisers.

A cool recovery
Tobias Häggblom, Frans Launonen, and Lauri Bastman, Vahterus, Finland, explore the opportunities LNG regasification presents to improve energy efficiency through recovering the energy available in cold LNG.

The journey to carbon-free shipping
The world needs more energy but with fewer emissions. Jesper Rosenkrans, TotalEnergies Marine Fuels, Singapore, reveals how shipping is reinventing itself and why LNG is the first step on the journey to cleaner and lower-carbon marine fuels.

Seaborne LNG: the voyage continues
Carlos Guerrero Pozuelo, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, France, reflects on the support for seaborne LNG and the innovation that continues to characterise the company’s growth.

15 facts on... Europe and the Mediterranean

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