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February 2020

The February 2020 issue of LNG Industry includes a regional report on Australia, as well as a number of technical articles on topics such as software & simulation, LNG terminal design & construction, compressors, and valves & pressure regulators.

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LNG news

LNG from the land down under
Peter Kiernan, the Economist Intelligence Unit, Singapore, takes a detailed look at the Australian LNG market.

More than megawatts
Zack Taylor, Stellar Energy, USA, presents a comparison of mechanical chilling versus adiabatic cooling as augmentation methods for LNG production.

Why LNG needs the right filters
Pete McGuigan, Parker Hannifin Ltd, UK, outlines the importance of a good filtration system to overall LNG production train performance.

The latest from Alaska
Leslie C. Krusen, Alaska Gasline Development Corp., USA, provides an update on the Alaska LNG project, outlining its approval progress, and reviewing some of the new technologies that have been employed to overcome the challenging environment in Alaska.

Keep within your limits
James R. Lowery, Baker Hughes, USA, considers how best to reduce emissions leaked from control valves, in order to better comply with industry standards and requirements.

Sailing through a sea of data
Colin Cooper, Eka Software Solutions, UK, explains how intelligent analytical platforms can help LNG traders manage commodity trading and risk.

Three is the magic number
Adrian Park, Hexagon, Norway, presents a three-phase strategy for successful digital transformation.

An AI takeover?
Mike Hastings, Brüel & Kjær Vibro, Denmark, outlines and evaluates the expanding role of artificial intelligence in condition monitoring.

15 facts on... Australia

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