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December 2011

The Winter issue of LNG Industry has  a particular focus on LNG safety and alternative uses of LNG apart from transportation, ranging from locomotive use to shipping fuel.

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LNG news

Picking up the pace
Terry Willis, The EIC, Dubai, examines the increasing pace of new LNG liquefaction capacity and exports from the Middle East.

Is anyone thinking about the weather?
Mark W. Jessup, Markey Machinery Co., USA, examines the world’s changing weather patterns and what LNG companies can do to prepare themselves for the worst.

LNG: the flexible element
James Patrick O’Brien, EGL AG, Switzerland, comments on LNG market developments and the future of LNG from a market participant’s perspective.

Is LNG on track?
Constantyn Gieskes, Braemar Wavespec USA, Inc., USA, describes the potential benefits and pitfalls of converting rail locomotives to run on LNG.

Gas fuel: a new generation
Reidar Strande, Hamworthy Plc., UK, discusses the benefits of an LNG fuelling system.

The missing link
Jürgen Harperscheidt, TGE Marine Gas Engineering, Germany, discusses the development of bunkering LNG for shipping uses.

Who’s in control?
Dr. Ian Synge, ShipNet AS, UK, discusses the growing use of enterprise software to transport LNG efficiently and safely.

Intelligent valves
Sari Aronen, Metso Automation Inc., Finland, explains the benefits of selecting the right valves for LNG processing applications.

Pressure relief
Roger Bours, Fike Europe, Belgium, addresses the use of pressure safety devices in cryogenic processes.

Time to switch?
Amin Almasi, WorleyParsons, Australia, examines the benefits of switching to new aero-derivative gas turbines over their heavy frame counterparts.

Sustainable insulation
Steve Oslica, Pittsburgh Corning, USA, examines the environmental credentials of cellular glass insulation.

Mercury removal
Vince Atma Row and Matthew Humphrys, Johnson Matthey, UK, examine the problem of mercury adsorption on gas plants and pipelines.

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