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September 2014

September’s Regional Report by Nancy Yamaguchi focuses on Russia and the CIS. This month’s lead feature is Heavy Crude Processing, and includes articles from both Nalco Champion and Baker Hughes. Other features include Catalyst Recovery, Flow Metering, Flaring Technology, Corrosion and Heat Exchangers. The 15 facts at the end of the issue focuses on the AFPM.

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World News
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In the limelight
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, discusses the Russian oil industry’s return to centre stage

Seize the opportunity
Doug Longtin and Gerald Hoffman, Baker Hughes Incorporated, USA, discuss proven technologies to help refiners safely process more heavy crudes

Lightening the solid load
Brad Mason, Nalco Champion, USA, outlines how to overcome the processing challenges related to high solids laden crudes

The flange protection challenge
Juan Lopez and Alice Jucquois, Belzona Polymerics Ltd, UK, discusses corrosion protection for flanges, fastenings and associated pipes

Corrosion inhibition
Ingo Königs, Kurita Europe, Germany, discusses the use of corrosion inhibitors in open cooling water systems using desalinated water

Retrofitting for lower emissions
Rex K. Isaacs, Zeeco, USA, discusses the use of compact design burner technology in order to achieve challenging emissions levels

Driving refinery change: Part two
Stephen Harrison, Linde, Germany, discusses the search for alternative and sustainable fuel sources in part two of Linde's emissions monitoring series

Key advantage
Bradford M. Cook, Sabin Metal Corp., USA, outlines how to enhance platinum group metals and rhenium returns from spent hydrocarbon and petrochemical process catalysts

Value added
Jeremy Mayol, Carl Keeley, Vasilis Komvokis, Stefano Riva, Alexis Shackleford, and Alicia Garcia, BASF, and Steve Challis, Chalcat Consulting Ltd, discuss how fluid catalytic cracking unit performance and profitability can be enhanced through value added technical support

Additives for low severity FCC operations
Bart de Graaf, Charles Radcliffe and Paul Diddams, Johnson Matthey Process Technologies, USA, discuss the development of SOx additives specifically suited for FCC units operating at low severity

Opportunity needn't cost
Vivek Srinivasan, Parag Shah, P.N. Ramaswamy, John Sigmon, David Comer, and Mahesh Subramaniyam, Dorf Ketal Chemicals, USA, describe chemical additives that can help refiners overcome the problems inherent with opportunity crudes in order to profitably exploit their advantageous prices

The petrochemistry of paraxylene
Joseph C. Gentry, GTC Technology US, LLC, discusses how paraxylene manufacturing can be made more efficient by understanding the basics of the process

Non-invasive metering solutions
Oliver Foth, Flexim, Germany, discusses the use of ultrasonic flow meters in storage terminals

Thumbs up
Chris Wajciechowski, Alfa Laval, USA, outlines why rules of thumb should be dismissed in order to unlock improved process performance

Heat tracing design
Derya Turgay-Herz, eltherm GmbH, Germany, and Daniel R. Potter, eltherm Canada Inc., Canada, discuss heating cable designs for industrial process control

Data collection methods
Ventyx outline the benefits of automating field process data collection

Optimised ship loading
Jasmin Phillips, Implico, Canada, discusses the optimisation of planning, loading, inventory management and administration

15 facts
This week we give you 15 facts on the AFPM

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