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October 2016

The October issue is home to this month’s Regional Report, written by Contributing Editor Nancy Yamaguchi, examining Saudi Arabia’s international role in the oil and gas industry, and how, in many respects, it is a pioneer and world leader. This month’s Clean Fuels Keynote Series has been written by Denis Clodic from Cryo Pur, who discusses how biogas and biomethane, a viable and sustainable gas, have evolved and how they are integral for waste valorisation.

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World News

Follow my lead
Of all the OPEC countries, Saudi Arabia stands out as a leader in many respects. Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, explores the ways in which the Kingdom currently leads the global oil and gas industry, and how it may lead in a life after oil as well.

Brilliant biogas
Denis Clodic, Cryo Pur, France, discusses the evolution of biogas, and why biomethane is a viable and sustainable global energy solution for waste valorisation.

A win for flow control
Paul Root, Goodwin International Ltd, UK, outlines a new design concept for axial isolation and control valves to improve flow management in oil and gas applications.

Reviewing the situation
Marc Massó and Miquel A. Alós, Inprocess Technology and Consulting Group, Spain, describe the steps that should be taken during a flare network capacity assessment, using both a conventional approach or dynamic simulation.

Withstanding the wind
Joseph D. Smith, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA, Robert Jackson, Vikram Sreedharan and Ahti?Suo-Anttila, Elevated Analytics, LLC, USA, and Doug Allen and Scot Smith, Zeeco, Inc., USA, discuss the safe operation of adjacent multi-point ground flares, focusing on predicted and measured flame radiation in cross flow wind conditions.

From discovery to distribution
Eric Phillips and Paul Barboni, Agilent Technologies, Inc., USA, and Coen?Duvekot and Remko Van Loon, Agilent Technologies, Inc., the?Netherlands, look at the critical role of analysers in maximising the value of the natural gas production process, from exploration to distribution.

Break the chain
Stuart Rye, Mettler Toledo Gas Analytics, Switzerland, examines the successful integration and effectiveness of tunable diode lasers in fluidised catalytic cracking units.

Viscosity in motion
Gerd Büttner, Bartec Benke GmbH, Germany, explores the measurement of kinematic viscosity when processing petrochemical products in a downstream facility.

Saving the day
Xiaoping Tian, Linde, UK, Paolo Kirchpfening, Linde, Germany, and Marco Marquez, Linde, North America, examine the important role of oxygen and hydrogen in delivering flexibility to the refining industry, as quality of crude continues to vary.

Infiltrate the suppliers
As oil prices remain low and company profits are squeezed, Chris Ruane, Air Products, UK, examines how the sector is looking to its gas suppliers to help ease the pressure.

Cause and effect
Kenneth Kildong Hwang and Suckhee (Steve) Kim, SK E&C, USA, present a study exploring how the removal of a vent gas incinerator can affect an LNG plant's capacity.

Virtual reality
Luis Gabellieri, SENER, Spain, examines how the installation of a virtual gas pipeline improved a variety of processes at the Río Grande LNG plant in Bolivia.

Systemic stronghold
Mike Baldi, Honeywell Process Solutions, USA, highlights why a sophisticated and holistic industrial process control system is an integral part of modern downstream facilities.

Playing defence
Ken Keiser, Parsons, USA, discusses the importance of a well structured cyber security plan in downstream chemical plants, in order to maintain high security defences against virtual attacks, both now and in the future.

Managing misconceptions
Pavan Chilukuri and Gary Bowerbank, Shell Global Solutions, the Netherlands, and Arnav Bhattacharya, Shell Global Solutions, India, demonstrate the true value of hybrid solvents through a lifecycle costs analysis.

Swift removal
Gökhan Ömer Alptekin, SulfaTrap LLC, USA, discusses a new sorbent-based sulfur removal process for liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas liquids and light naphtha.

Sulphur Show Preview
Hydrocarbon Engineering previews a number of the companies that will be exhibiting downstream oil and gas sulfur innovations and technologies at the 32 Sulphur 2016 International Conference & Exhibition in London.

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