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November 2019

The November issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes a range of interesting features, such as catalysts, water treatment, corrosion protection and plant safety. General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems addresses the challenges facing refineries as IMO 2020 draws closer, and this month’s regional report focuses on the biofuel transformation in Europe.

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Biofuels in Europe: the long and winding road
The European biofuel transformation is firmly underway. Valentin Kotlomin, Euro Petroleum Consultants, Russia, examines the trends and challenges in this rapidly innovating industry.

Cutting-edge refining catalysts for petrochemicals
Sarika Goel, Bryan Egolf, and Steven Zink, Honeywell UOP, USA, explore the potential for catalysts to enable the refinery of the future, improving profitability whilst satisfying demand.

Creating a synergy
Lamy Khodeir, Grace FCC, Germany, questions whether the traditional combination of various catalyst components with individual matrix technologies is needed to efficiently and profitably perform fluid catalytic cracking.

Rethinking HTS catalysts
Henrik Rasmussen, Haldor Topsoe, USA, challenges assumptions about high temperature shift catalysts and highlights newly commercialised options for a range of applications.

Ahead of the curve
Victor Scalco and Maggie Vidal, General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems, USA, address the challenges facing refineries as IMO 2020 draws closer, and their options for getting ahead.

In the black
Stefano Sassi, Eurotecnica, Italy, outlines important developments in the growing carbon black market.

Making the correct corrosion call
Andrew Petticrew, Sulzer, reveals the right way to choose weld overlay specialists that can restore the integrity of distillation equipment and maximise service life.

Just below the surface
Paul Jackson, Eddyfi Technologies, UK, investigates the use of guided wave non-destructive testing techniques to combat pipe corrosion under insulation.

External inspection: an inside look
Russ Davis, MISTRAS Group, USA, outlines a roadmap for implementing a non-intrusive inspection programme.

Silver linings
Stephen Karns, HarbisonWalker International, USA, outlines important issues to consider when designing a lining for a sulfur recovery unit thermal reactor.

A filter for every application
From upstream to downstream, filters are vital pieces of equipment. Gideon Brunn, Tekleen Automatic Filters, USA, talks self-cleaning filters and their use in petrochemical plants.

A biological approach
Ipek Ozturk, Kurita Europe, Germany, addresses the importance of wastewater treatment in the downstream sector and examines the ways in which biological wastewater treatment plants can be optimised using modern treatment products.

Advances in wastewater treatment
Bryan Kumfer, Siemens Water Solutions, USA, looks at a new technology for water treatment which cleans toxic, high-strength wastewater, and even produces methane for fuel.

Floods of data
Veronique Bourgier, Veolia Water Technologies, USA, looks at the ways in which downstream plants can utilise process data to digitally optimise and manage their water consumption.

Keep in the safety loop
Riyaz Ali, Emerson, USA, investigates the complex world of technical standards and how to evaluate the safety integrity level suitability for valves.

Fact from fiction
Claire Lloyd, REMBE GmbH, Germany, dispels some of the myths surrounding the use of rupture discs in harsh downstream conditions.

Look to the sky
Joe Morgan, Axis Communications, explores how the oil and gas industry can protect itself from drone attacks.

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