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November 2016

The November issue begins with this month’s Regional Report, written by Valentin Kotlomin, examining the history of Europe’s Balkan region and what, if any, recent developments mean for the future of the industry in this part of the world.

This month’s Clean Fuels Keynote Series from Clean Fuel Ltd discusses the future of emulsified fuel and how it will be powering Team Britannia’s round the word record attempt. The issue also includes features on Shale & Gas Processing, Hydrogen, Catalysts, Tank Inspection, Pumps & Valves, Flaring, Flow Measurement and Corrosion. Finally, we round this month off with 15 facts on oilsands and reserves!

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World News

On the crossroads
Valentin Kotlomin, Euro Petroleum Consultants, reviews the history of the oil refining sector in Europe's Balkan region, and the recent developments being implemented to meet modern European industrial standards.

What next?
Nunzia Florio, UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA), UK, explores how the UK oil and refining industry will change as challenges and opportunities arise in a new, post-Brexit Britain.

Ruling the waves
Steve Mason, Clean Fuel Ltd, UK, explores the environmental benefits and potential of emulsified fuel, which will be used to power Team Britannia's round the world powerboating record attempt.

Eyes on your asset
Colin Hickey, Sky-Futures, UK, highlights the benefits of using unmanned aerial vehicles for confined space inspection and assuring asset integrity of critical infrastructure.

A local, global problem
Jon Douglas, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, UK, discusses how a new sensor is helping the downstream sector to detect corrosion under insulation.

Pump up the volume
Pharic Smith, Sulzer, UK, and Thomas Kraenzler, Sulzer, Switzerland, examine the maximisation of pump efficiency through reduced corrosion and erosion, allowing users to enhance productivity and reduce running costs.

Progressive pumps
Norman Zombor, NETZSCH Canada, Inc., Canada, discusses the continued development of sealing technology for progressive cavity pumps applied in challenging hydrocarbon environments.

Feeling the pressure
Mike Northwood, Paladon Systems, UK, explains how high integrity pressure protection systems can help downstream oil and gas operators to improve plant processes and increase efficiency.

A study in solutions
Julie Bodine, ValvTechnologies, Inc., USA, explains how effective and innovative valve design and proper implementation can increase process safety, reliability and efficiency.

Catching the fugitives
Controlling fugitive emissions is one of the most important technical challenges facing the oil and gas industry. Valves play a central role in this, but, as Paul Shillito, Oliver Valves, UK, explains, there can be a limit to the level of tightness operators should be aiming for.

Smokeless surroundings
Matthew Martin and Bryan Beck, Honeywell UOP's Callidus Technologies Business, USA, discuss how multipoint ground flares can help downstream companies achieve smokeless operations, and improve burner cross-lighting and flame length.

Accuracy in adversity
Matthew J. Olin and Scott A. Rouse, Sierra Instruments, USA, explore how advancements in natural gas sampling innovations are increasing flow metering accuracy for tough applications.

A balancing act
Emmelyn Graham, NEL, part of the TÜV SÜD Group, UK, explains how achieving the right chemical balance in hydrocarbon pipelines can prevent flow assurance issues, enabling more effective processing operations in downstream facilities.

Pure and simple
Joao Amorim, Fernando Borges and Sérgio Moutinho, Galp Energia, Portugal, and Lutz?Kunze, Lothar Karrer and Bjorn Welander, BASF – Catalyst Division, Germany, describe how Galp Energia improved aromatic purification efficiency through the use of high performance activated bentonite.

Cat cracker contamination: part two
Pat Salemo, Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining and Marketing, LLC, USA, and Doc?Kirchgessner and John Aikman, Grace Catalyst Technologies, USA, explain how Philadelphia Energy Solutions tackled the negative impacts of iron contamination in its fluid catalytic cracking system.

Purchasing power
There has been a growing move amongst Western refineries to purchase rather than produce hydrogen, a trend now also emerging in the Middle East, India and Asia. Phil?Morris, Air Products, UK, explains what is driving this shift in approach.

A multifaceted marketplace
Greg Bury, UniversalPegasus International, Canada, and President of the Gas Processing Association of Canada (GPAC), discusses the challenges and opportunities available in the Canadian marketplace for the natural gas industry, in light of the US shale boom.

15 facts...
This month we give you 15 facts on oilsands and reserves!

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