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May 2017

The May issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering has a lead feature on maintenance and asset integrity. Topics include corrosion prevention, refractories, compressors and LNG. This month’s regional report focuses on the US Gulf Coast refining market.

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Guest Comment
Chet Thompson, President and CEO, American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM).

Quick to adapt
Currently, lots of changes are occurring in the North American refining sector. Contributing Editor, Gordon Cope, examines how US Gulf Coast refiners are making the most of them.

Bidding to innovate
Jim Ondyak, Dorf Ketal, USA, discusses how companies can change suppliers between bidding events, taking advantage of technical innovation and boosting profitability.

Lean and mean
Marina Ivanova and Matt Adams, Douglas-Westwood, UK, explain why a leaner downstream maintenance market is experiencing renewed activity.

The devil is in the detail
Valentin Kotlomin and Ekaterina Kalinenko, Euro Petroleum Consultants, Russia, examine the thought process behind a development programme created for a refinery upgrade.

The challenge of change
Rainer Pittnauer, Intergraph® Process Power & Marine, Austria, discusses the challenge of change management, and how modern engineering technology can assist.

Reliability is king
Philip McCusker, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc, UK, explains how advanced data analytics has helped gas processing plants improve reliability and maximise operating efficiency.

Mindful maintenance
Jake Davies, Emerson Automation Solutions, Permasense Technologies, explains how monitoring corrosion in a sour water stripping unit enables a refinery to plan maintenance activities, avoiding unplanned outages and increasing availability and reliability.

Environmentally minded
Dr. Wolfgang Hater, Christian zum Kolk and Ingo Königs, Kurita Europe GmbH, Germany, discuss the growing movement towards environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors that are zinc-free and contain minimum amounts of phosphorous.

Protective spray
Stuart Milton, Metallisation Ltd, UK, explains how thermal sprayed aluminium coatings can help to protect vital equipment against corrosion.

Out of this world
Stephen Karns, HarbisonWalker International, USA, discusses how petrochemical reformer efficiency can be improved with high emissivity coatings that were originally designed for rocket nozzles.

Rediscovering rupture discs
Orhan Karagöz, Rembe, Turkey, examines the isolation and protection of safety valves using rupture discs on the upstream and downstream connections.

Unconventional thinking pays off
Volker Becker, MAN PrimeServ (MAN Diesel & Turbo), Germany, discusses an equipment turnaround and upgrading case study for a refinery in Romania.

Getting creative
Sean Phillips, FS-Elliott, USA, reviews the commissioning of a customised compressed air solution for a Middle Eastern oil refinery, and the recommendations for reducing project and maintenance costs while increasing system efficiency.

What to expect
Fernando Romero and Matt Walton, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International, USA, examine the effects of impeller manufacturing tolerances on compressor efficiency.

A delicate task
Massimiliano Di Febo and Pasquale Paganini, IPC, Italy, discuss how advanced software can assist operators in achieving highly accurate compressor performance predictions.

A renewed interest
Ben Williams, Ariel Corporation, outlines the important role that reciprocating compressors play in renewable hydrocarbon diesel facilities.

Competitive edge
Greg Brumfield and Tony Slapikas, AMETEK Process Instruments, USA, outline how mass spectrometry determines flare gas heat values.

Fast and precise
Thomas Knight, Orbital Gas Systems, USA, examines an option for providing continuous LNG sampling, vaporisation, conditioning and analysis on LNG applications.

LNG on the rise in Russia
Inessa Shahnazarova and Ekaterina Vankova, Vostock Capital, Russia, present the findings of a recent study into the latest developments in the Russian LNG industry.

15 facts
This month we give you 15 facts about refining!

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