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March 2015

March is one of our biggest refining issues of the year so we focus on fuel additives, catalyst recovery and corrosion with Dorf Ketal, Eurecat and Aspen Aerogels to name just three contributors. Nancy Yamaguchi provides our regional report which focuses on US refining. We are also lucky enough to have a guest comment from Charles T. Drevna, President of the AFPM. And to finish off the issue, we give you 15 facts on Nigeria.

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(03) Comment

(05) Guest Comment

(07) World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions

(14) US refining: new again
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, discusses the outlook for the US refining industry

(29) Making regulation work
Peter Davidson, UKPIA, presents a new approach to regulating major accident hazards in the UK

(33) Making the switch
Trish Luedtke, MSA Safety, USA, discusses ensuring safety in LNG/CNG use

(37) Minimising exposure
Andy Avenell, Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd., UK, explains how gas detection technology is evolving to reduce the need for maintenance and therefore operator exposure

(43) Walking the tightrope
John Williams, Aspen Aerogels, USA, outlines the challenges and opportunities in properly insulating delayed cokers

(49) Comprehensive corrosion control
Joel Lack and Ralph Navarrete, Baker Hughes Incorporated, USA, discuss corrosion control in crude atmospheric distillation units

(56) UK shale gas processing: part one
Matthew Last and Adrian Finn, Costain, UK, look at processing technology for UK shale gas

(64) Surviving 2015
Dirk Frame, T.A. Cook Consultants, UK, discusses the prospects for shale in 2015

(67) Compressor lubrication
Ayman Ali, ExxonMobil, EMEA, outlines challenges and solutions in compressor lubrication

(71) Changing perspective
Mahesh Subramaniyam, James Ondyak, P.N. Ramaswamy, James Noland, and Parag Shah, Dorf Ketal, USA, explain the best way to take advantage of high acid crudes

(76) Maximising deep conversion
Angela Jones, Eric Lowenthal and Kent Turner, Grace, USA, describe the need for deep conversion of resid and the use of a high matrix, high activity FCC catalyst for maximising bottoms upgrading

(81) Loading underair
Tim Campbell, Eurecat, USA, discusses how passivation processes can enable preactivated catalyst loading under air

(86) Guiding the way
Mark Hodgins, Endress+Hauser, UK, outlines effective level measurement with the use of guided wave radar transmitters

(91) Compressor dampener optimisation: part one
Attilio Brighenti, Riccardo Bressan, Antonio Tufo, S.A.T.E. Systems and Advanced Technologies Engineering S.r.l., Italy, discuss the optimisation of reciprocating compressor dampeners under variable speed conditions

(99) 3D asset virtualisation
Saeed Al Somali, Saudi Kayan Petrochemicals, Saudi Arabia, and Issam Karkoutli, INOVx Solutions, USA, present the benefits of 3D asset visualisation for optimising enterprise asset management

(105) Simulating superior performance
Josep-Anton Feliu, José-María Ferrer and José-María Nougués, Inprocess Technology and Consulting Group, S.L., Spain, discuss how simulation technology can lead to higher efficiency, lower production costs and improved plant safety

(112) 15 facts
This month we give you 15 facts on Nigeria

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