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June 2014

The June issue sees the concluding part of the Shale Feedstock Processing Series with a look at impacts on the US from Nancy Yamaguchi. This issue also focuses on storage with articles from Rosen and Oreco. The concluding part of Linde Gas’s special industrial gases series also features along with articles on gas analysers, LNG, gas processing and level gauging.

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(03) Comment

(05) World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions

(12) Revolution!
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, looks at the US shale revolution and its impacts on the oil industry

(22) Training the gaming generation
Adrian Park, Intergraph, Norway, discusses the role of 3D simulation and laser scans in workforce training

(27) A combined solutions approach
Victor Escobar, ROSEN Group, USA, and Bernd Josef Zimmermann, ROSEN Group, Rosen Technology & Research Center, Germany, discuss asset integrity management for storage terminals

(33) Putting safety first
Søren Hubert Petersen, Oreco A/S, Denmark, compares different methods for installation of tank cleaning nozzles with focus on safety and tank cleaning efficiency

(37) Fine tuning pump protection
Marianne Williams, Emerson Process Management, UK, describes how vibrating fork technology provides a cost effective and easy means to protect pumps from damage that could result in an unexpected pump failure

(41) Paired for success
Matthijs de Oude, Shell Global Solutions International BV, The Netherlands, outlines how combining two novel but proven technologies can optmise complex contaminated gas processing

(47) Membrane solutions
Alejandro Ayala and Gregory Hanggi, Kinder Morgan, USA, and Bhargav Sharma and Parag Jain, UOP, USA, discuss the use of membrane systems for CO2 removal in gas streams

(53) Beating the cold
Bill Morrow, Schneider Electric, Canada, outlines how high resolution gas day planning can combat natural gas price volatility

(58) The black box of tricks: Part two
Stephen Harrison, Linde Gases Division, Germany, continues his discussion on trends and troubleshooting in petrochemical analysis

(62) Powerhouse hydrogen
Bridget Nyland, Sarah Farnand, Scott Smith, Kristin Holtz and Yu Zheng, Air Products, USA, outline solutions to a new array of challenges facing the hydrocarbon, petrochemical, and transportation industries

(69) Small decisions, big significance
Mikko Vuolanto, Metso Automation Inc., Finland, focuses on how the availability and efficiency of valves can define industrial gas processes

(75) Superior optimisation
Vidi Saptari, Precisive LLC, USA and Rhys Jenkins, Servomex, UK, present an evaluation of tunable filter spectroscopy all optical technology in comparison with traditional gas chromatography techniques for hydrocarbon processing industry gas analysis

(79) The power of software analysers
Gregorio Ciarlo, Federico Callero and Maurizio Simonelli, ABB SpA, Italy, discuss the application of predictive emission monitoring systems for applications in which fuel characteristics are variable or in a complex process plant

(85) REEfined
Marcus Geigle, HOERBIGER, Germany, discusses optimisation of compressor reliability, efficiency and environmental soundness

(89) Flow path insight
Mantosh Bhattacharya, Petrofac, UAE, presents a basic overview of the flow path design process for a centrifugal compressor

(97) Flare for analysis
Marcus Trygstad, Yokogawa Corporation of America, USA, outlines the advantages of EUVF technology for total reduced sulfur measurement in flare gas

(104) 15 facts on...
This month we give you 15 facts on natural gas

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