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July 2015

The regional focus of this issue is Asia and Boston Consulting take the lead. The issue also houses the pumps, valves and seals review which highlights the broad technologies available to the downstream oil and gas sector. Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor takes a look at the importance of cyber security and the issue also covers flaring, desalination and tanks and terminals technology. To top the issue off we have 15 questions with the CEO of the Energy Institute.

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World News

The domino effect
Udo Jung, Jaime Ruiz-Cabrero and Asheesh Sastry, The Boston Consulting Group, discuss the impact of lower oil prices on the petrochemicals industry.

Cybergeddon: how real is the threat?
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, discusses the threat of cyber attacks to the oil and gas industry, and the measures companies can take to increase security.

A fail safe solution
James Hay, RembeĀ® GmbH Safety + Control, Germany, explains why rupture discs are a plant's most important safety device.

Reducing risks
Graeme Ellis, ABB Consulting, UK, outlines an integrated approach to reducing risks at existing oil and gas facilities.

Inspired innovation
Matthew J. Olin, Sierra Instruments, Inc., USA, discusses flare gas flow measurement challenges and presents several recent innovations in thermal mass flow sensor technology.

Advanced flare monitoring
Dario DiMaggio and Robert Morpeth, Kurz Instruments, Inc., USA, outline the challenges and criteria to consider for flow instrumentation in flare gas applications.

Optimisation of osmosis
Jan Schallenberg, Kurita Europe GmbH, Germany, talks through the benefits of raw water pretreatment for reliable desalination by reverse osmosis.

Silica solutions
Tommaso Rossetti, Siirtec Nigi, Italy, explains why silica gel treatment is an optimum choice for natural gas dehydration and dew point control.

Practical application
Sam Lordo, Nalco Champion, USA, discusses practical applications of online crude tower overhead analysers.

Seizing opportunity
Keith A Couch and Claudio Bertelli, UOP (A Honeywell Company), USA, present the latest technologies designed to meet paraxylene market opportunities.

Built to last
Jana Miller, Intergraph, USA, highlights the importance of well designed tanks for safe energy distribution.

Seeing the big picture
R. Jayaprakash and Arjen van den Broecke, Honeywell Process Solutions, USA, explain how the coordination of resource planning and process control systems can enable storage terminals to act quickly and effectively to changing market conditions.

Investigating vapour phase conditions
Geoffrey Bowers, Vega Americas, Inc., USA, discusses the effects of changing vapour phase conditions on radiation based continuous level measurement.

Cutting edge calibration
Craig Marshall, NEL, UK, outlines a new solution to help companies improve the repeatability of devices during calibration.

Get your bottom dollar
Victor M Scalco III, General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Group, USA, discusses increasing profits from 'bottom of the barrel' and reducing the environmental impacts of processing heavier crude.

Downstream pump developments
Massimiliano Di Febo and Pasquale Paganini, IPC, Italy, discuss the advancements in centrifugal pumps technology for the downstream oil and gas industry.

Pumps, Valves and Seals Review
Hydrocarbon Engineering provides an overview of some of the most advanced pumps, valves and seals technologies available within the downstream oil, gas and petrochemicals processing industry.

15 questions with...
We talk to Louise Kingham OBE FEI, Chief Executive, Energy Institute, about the energy industry, women in oil and gas, and her favourite food

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