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July 2014

July brings the annual pumps, valves and seals review which highlights the technologies manufacturers and suppliers have to offer the downstream industry. The regional focus is on the US petrochemicals and Gordon Cope takes the helm. Also, this month features 15 questions with Robert Trout, VP Criterion Catalyst & Technologies.

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World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions.

Let the good times roll
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, discusses the outlook for the US petrochemicals sector.

'Know how' to increase profitability
Robert Wade, Dan Torchia, and Theo Maesen, Advanced Refining Technologies, USA, and Giuseppina Reggio, eni, Italy, discuss how refinery profitability can be increased via hydroprocessing flexibility and ‘know how’.

Exceedingly good
Peter Davidson, UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA), UK, discusses how exceeding good practice can lead to performance enhancement throughout the oil and gas industry.

Safe to breathe
Andy Jones, Mattei, UK, outlines how breathing apparatus should be supplied with quality assured compressed air in order to protect the health and life of the respiratory protective equipment wearer.

Secured against sabotage
Ton Beems and Mark Hellinghuizer, Yokogawa Europe, The Netherlands, discuss refinery safety systems and network security.

Rethinking caustic treatment
Ramiro Vazquez, GTC Technology US, LLC, outlines the advantages and benefits of advanced caustic treating.

Mitigating coke formation
Berthold Otzisk and Christoph Eichman, Kurita Europe GmbH, Germany, discuss methods for reducing coke formation in ethylene production.

Technological choices
Samuel Dessolin, ABB, France, outlines how technological choices can enhance lube oil blending plant productivity and product quality.

Cool blue
Ashok Shetty and Kevin Milici, GE Water & Process Technologies, USA, offer a blueprint for cutting edge cooling water management.

Crude switch optimisation
Rakesh Mehta, Honeywell, India, discusses the advantages of the crude switch optimiser in reducing the crude switch transition time.

Tray design
Ang Chew Peng, Sulzer Chemtech Pte Ltd, Singapore, and Mark Pilling, Sulzer Chemtech USA, Inc., USA, discuss tray design for high load applications.

Distillation design
Edson Romano Marins and Megan Jobson, Petrobras, Brazil, discuss heat integrated distillation system design for coker downstream applications.

Simulators for success
Stavros Chrysanthou, Hyperion Systems Engineering, Cyprus, discusses the increased use of graphical user interface technology in operator training simulators.

The enterprise approach
Mark Biagi, Bentley Systems, USA, discusses how an enterprise information management approach can be adopted in order to streamline processes and improve mechanical and structural integrity management.

Pumps, valves and seals review
Hydrocarbon Engineering offers a review of suppliers of pump, valve and seal technologies for the hydrocarbon processing industry.

15 questions with...
Robert Trout, VP Criterion Catalyst & Technologies, talks business, books and his first pet.

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