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January 2019

The January issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering features articles on flowmeters, digitalisation, maintenance and reliability, and water treatment. This issue also includes our annual Catalyst Review, and provides a detailed look at the latest market developments in the MENA region.

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World news

A star on the rise
Valentin Kotlomin, Euro Petroleum Consultants, Russia, examines the growth of the refining sector in the Middle East and North Africa.

Back in full swing
Jesse Yoder, Flow Research, USA, explores various methods of flow measurement in the oil and gas industry.

Appealing to the masses
David Bowers, ABB Measurement & Analytics, UK, explains the benefits offered by Coriolis mass flowmeters for custody transfer installations and the key factors involved in selecting a flow computer to calculate measured values.

Keep oil in the unit
Troy Davis, Athlon, USA, offers refiners an overview of the challenges and potential solutions to keeping hydrocarbons in processing units in order to increase production.

A salty issue
Mike Preston, Black & Veatch, USA, explores reverse osmosis brine reduction treatment options and techniques.

A fresh approach to seawater
Roi Zaken Porat, IDE Technologies, Israel, outlines how multi-effect distillation technology can be implemented in seawater desalination to meet the water needs of refineries.

Smooth sailing to IMO 2020
Andrew Normand, KBC (A Yokogawa Company), UK, discusses the implications for oil refineries of the International Maritime Organization’s sulfur limits, and how asset management and integrity teams are going to have to cope.

Bringing data to light
Steve Sabin and Randy Chitwood, Brüel & Kjær Vibro, USA, share a cost-effective method of performing rotating machinery condition monitoring.

Saving face
Rick Dunlap, BrandSafway, USA, outlines the cost- and time-saving benefits of implementing WorkFace Planning during refinery construction and maintenance operations.

Digitalising danger zones
Paulo Jorge de Almeida, Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, Germany, explains how Industry 4.0 technology can create a mobile worker ecosystem in hazardous areas.

Old dog, new tricks
Ben Berwick, Honeywell Connected Plant, USA, talks through methods of digital transformation for the digitally mature refinery.

Catalyst review
Hydrocarbon Engineering reviews some of the most advanced catalyst technologies available within the downstream industry today.

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