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January 2015

Happy New Year from Hydrocarbon Engineering. The year is kicked off with the catalyst review and a look a the global catalyst market with ExxonMobil. Nancy Yamaguchi provides a regional look at the Middle East. The issue also focuses on software, flaring and emissions and tank cleaning. And finally, check out our 15 questions with UKPIA’s Chris Hunt.

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(03) Comment

(05) World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions

(10) Bellweather of the global market
Nancy D. Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, discusses shifting Middle Eastern crude and product trade flows

(21) Practical flare gas recovery
Brian Blackwell, Trevor Leagas, and Greg Seefeldt, Zeeco, Inc., USA, discuss practical flare gas recovery for minimisation of flaring

(29) A safe dose
Robert Starling and Brian Marshall, Flaresim Ltd., UK, discuss the extension of the use of dynamic analysis of flare systems to consider the effects of thermal radiation

(35) Early stage development
Matthew Martin, Callidus Technologies, USA, discusses early stage development of advanced multipoint flare burners

(40) Tackling tough challenges
Steven Barber, Baker Hughes, USA, discusses maintenance challenges for large crude oil storage tanks and how to tackle them

(47) Gaining validation
Martin Bragg, Honeywell Process Solutions, UK, and Michael Teufel, Honeywell Process Solutions, Germany, discuss natural gas flow metering with ultrasonic meter validation

(53) Make the most of it!
Andrew M. V. Stokes, Michell Instruments Ltd., UK, discusses the development of TDLAS measurement technologies for energy efficient and responsible exploitation of shale gas

(57) Doing the bump
Fiona Macrae, Crowcon Detection Instruments, UK, discusses how bump testing of fixed devices can save time and money checking gas detectors in high risk sites without compromising safety

(62) Exploiting the digital asset
Rick Standish, AVEVA, UK, explains how the digital asset approach increases asset reliability through progressive handover

(67) The global catalyst market
José G. Santiesteban, Scott S. Lawn, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, USA, and Mark J. Healey, ExxonMobil Chemical Company, USA, discuss recent catalyst market trends

(71) Catalyst review
Hydrocarbon Engineering provides an overview of some of the most advanced catalyst technologies available within the hydrocarbon processing industry today

(88) 15 questions with...
Chris Hunt, Director General of UKPIA, discusses the petroleum product market and his favourite film

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