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February 2015

The February 2015 Regional Report offers insight into the prospects for the US natural gas industry. The issue additionally includes features on Gas Processing & Treating, Specialty Gases and Gas Analysers. The Lead Feature is Turbomachinery, featuring articles from Petrofac and IPC. Other features include Sulfur, Pumps & Valves and Condition Monitoring.

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(03) Comment

(05) World news
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions

(12) The US natural gas story
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, discusses the outlook for the US natural gas sector

(18) Benchmarking methodologies
Celia He, Solomon Associates, USA, discusses benchmarking methodologies for establishing frameworks to control greenhouse gas emissions

(25) Lured to LPG
Nick Perkins and Doug Gottschlich, Membrane Technology & Research, USA, discuss membrane technology for recovering LPG

(30) Zeroing in on zero gases
Stephen Harrison, Linde, Germany, discusses the development of zero gas accreditation

(37) Balancing the benefits
Stephen Firth, Servomex, UK, discusses striking the balance between cost, performance and safety in selecting the right gas analyser

(41) Overcoming the design challenge: Part two
Stephen Santo and Mahin Rameshni, Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering (RATE), USA, discuss how the challenges associated with designing sulfur recovery units with a wide range of H2S concentrations can be overcome

(48) A new solution
Ross E. Dugas, The Dow Chemical Company, USA, and Ganesh Nayak, UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company, USA, discuss how new acid gas removal technology can help provide reduction in economic lifecycle cost

(53) Pinched performance: Part one
Ralph Weiland, Nate Hatcher, and Scott Alvis, Optimized Gas Treating, USA, describe how absorbers become lean end pinched when the solvent's capacity for acid gas greatly exceeds the acid gas to be removed

(59) Treating sulfur in wastewater
Timothy Lebrecht, Air Products, USA, and Neil Hannay, Air Products, UK, offer several ways to treat H2S in wastewater and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each

(67) Under the influence
Massimiliano Di Febo and Paganini Pasquale, IPC, Italy, discuss the influence of inlet parameters on centrifugal compressor surge limit lines

(77) Baffling vibrations
Mantosh Bhattacharya, Petrofac, UAE, discusses the detection and mitigation of machinery vibration due to base frame resonance

(85) Custom pump design
Marc DeSilva, John Bailey and Chris Graser, ITT Goulds Pumps, USA, discuss how custom pump designs can solve unique downstream application challenges

(89) Additives analysis
Dirk Ardelt, Peter Ivanov, Olaf Schulz, Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH & Co KG (a unit of AMETEK, Inc.), Germany, discuss the advantages of inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry for the elemental analysis of used lubricating oils

(96) Petrochemical tank cleaning
Gwendolyn Van De Bilt, Shell Nederland Chemie Moerdijk, The Netherlands, Jessica M. Hancock, Nalco Champion, The Netherlands and John M. Garcia, Nalco Champion, USA, discuss the chemical approach to petrochemical tank cleaning

(104) 15 facts
This month we give you 15 facts on LNG

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