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December 2018

The December issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes a number of articles looking at the global petrochemical sector. Other features include sulfur, distillation, safety & security, flaring and heat exchangers. Euro Petroleum Consultants also look at the rise of polyolefins in their regional report on Russia and the CIS.

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The rise of polyolefins in Russia and the CIS
Valentin Kotlomin, Euro Petroleum Consultants, Russia, studies Russia and the CIS’s position within the global polyolefin market.

A necessary evil
Noopur Kaushik Bhalla and Anand A. Haradi, Mangalore Refinery, India, outline the role of triethylaluminium as a liquid co-catalyst in the production of polypropylene and the importance of its optimisation.

A study in sustainable styrene
Jay Choksi and James Ondyak, Dorf Ketal Chemicals, USA, alongside Syafri Rustam and Danang Pramudibyo, SMI, Indonesia, present a case study whereby a costly and environmentally harmful chemical was replaced in the production of styrene.

Breaking with tradition
Giuseppe Mosca, Prasanna Ramani and Gopi Dharmaraj, Sulzer, share a case study of how a project was able to retrofit a vacuum distillation unit to cut unexpected shutdowns while optimising yields.

DWC: from the top
Amit Kanda, Roomi Kalita and Joseph C. Gentry, GTC Technology, USA, and Kondapalli Shreya C. and Prateek A. Shaware, Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd, India, discuss the advantages of applying DWC technology at the top of the column.

Is it worth it?
Brian Jung, John Gebur and Thomas K. Chow, Fluor, USA, debate the economics of recovering waste heat from a tail gas hydrogenation reactor.

Sulfur granulation solutions
Casey Metheral, IPCO Germany GmbH, Germany, reviews the benefits of a new efficient and environmentally friendly sulfur drum granulation process.

Some like it hot
Ilan Toledano, WATTCO, Canada, compares the use of immersion heaters and heat exchangers for industrial heating in the downstream oil and gas refining industry.

A smarter system
Adam McNeilly and Paul Shields, Chart Industries, USA, introduce a passive system that provides early detection of end of service life for brazed aluminium heat exchangers.

Feeling the chemistry
Berthold Otzisk and Jelle Achten, Kurita Europe GmbH, Germany, discuss the benefits to be gained from chemical cleaning of heat exchangers.

The premix premise
Dr Richard Martin, Honeywell UOP Callidus, USA, introduces a new burner incorporating premix technology that is designed to address problems that can be encountered with staged fuel burners.

Firing up a new furnace
Sercan Yaman and Murat Ercan, Tüpras (Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corp.), Turkey, discuss the revamp of a crude oil furnace.

Tending the flames
David Ducharme, LumaSense Technologies, USA, explains why safe flare operation and environmental protection require reliable and accurate flare pilot monitoring.

Creating a culture
Mike Cawthra, Air Products Europe, UK, outlines how process safety can be ensured through operational discipline.

A silent storm
Leo Simonovich, Siemens, USA, explains how a cybersecurity blueprint can protect the digital refinery with early-warning safeguards to reduce risk of attacks.

On the road to digital transformation
Edward Turkaly and Timothy Holtan, Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), explore how the downstream industry can create value through cybersecurity and continuous process management.

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