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December 2017

Our final issue of the year includes articles focusing on petrochemical production, heat tracing, safety systems, software and sulfur recovery. The issue also includes a Q&A with a number of turbomachinery experts, and a regional report focusing on the growing demand for petrochemicals in the Indian Subcontinent.

BONUS The December issue also includes the Winter supplement of Tanks & Terminals.

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The Indian Subcontinent in focus
Dr Hooman Peimani, Contributing Editor, looks at the growing demand for petrochemicals in the Indian Subcontinent.

A changing landscape
Dr Erik-Jan Ras, Avantium Chemicals B.V., the Netherlands, discusses the important role of on-purpose processes when producing olefins in a changing feedstock landscape.

Meeting expectations (part two)
John Griffiths, Trevor Smith, Stephen Caskey, Emily Harrell, James Gaspar and Abhishek Kadam, Honeywell UOP, USA, continue their overview of solutions that can help meet carbon disulfide specifications for petrochemical grade naphtha products.

Waste not, want not
Bonnie Crossland, Emerson Automation Solutions, USA, considers how gas chromatograph technology can be used to optimise fluid catalytic cracking.

Raise the game
A. R. S. Bhandari, Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd, along with R. Madhavan and Sandeep Yadav, Koch-Glitsch, India, recall a refinery stripper tower revamp project.

The right tool for the job
Ilan Toledano, Wattco Inc., Canada, explores where heat tracing and immersion heaters are best suited.

Layers of protection
Dr Bert Knegtering, Honeywell Safety Management Systems, the Netherlands, outlines the importance of independent layers of protection to help prevent leakage and spills in downstream plants.

Know your limits
Jim Christian, Siemens, USA, outlines the importance of knowing the limits of plant assets and implementing integrity operating window programmes to prevent problems.

The bigger picture
Michael Smith and Jana Miller, Hexagon PPM, USA, share the benefits of using 3D modelling and analysis software in downstream plant applications.

Moving with the times
Patricia Wories, Enersul Ltd Partnership, Canada, considers the evolution of the sulfur recovery industry.

Parting ways
Kaaeid Lokhandwala, Sachin Joshi and Priyanka Tiwari, Membrane Technology and Research Inc., USA, and Katarzyna Cholast, PGNiG SA Oddzial w Odolanowie, Poland, explore how helium can be recovered using membrane separation.

Compressor of choice (part two)
Michael Rimmer and Grant Johnson, Costain, UK, explain how proper specification and selection of compression equipment can have a major impact on life cycle costs.

The triple threat
Derrick Bauer, Matthew Konek and Brian Stewart, Elliott Group, USA, discuss the impacts of corrosion, erosion and fouling upon rotating equipment in petrochemical and other refinery processes, and the latest prevention and mitigation measures that have proven most effective.

A three-pronged approach
Hans-Joerg Buob, AST Turbo USA Inc., USA, discusses three integral areas of critical rotating equipment installation that should be considered in order to achieve success.

Turbomachinery Q&A
Hydrocarbon Engineering questions a number of turbomachinery experts about energy efficiency, R&D, safety and the overall market outlook.

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