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April 2019

The April issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes features on software, distillation, petrochemicals and sulfur, including our annual Sulfur Review. This month’s regional report examines the latest developments in Central and South America.

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Feast and famine
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explores the numerous reasons why Central and South America, a region so abundant in oil and gas resources, cannot supply its own needs.

Digitally transforming refineries
Peter Blaser and Rajat Barua, CPFD Software, USA, explore the significant impact of digital transformation on the refining industry.

Training made simple
Andreas Frejborg and Ari Vepsäläinen, NAPCON, Neste Engineering Solutions, Finland, and Jan Steegstra, Chevron Lummus Global, the Netherlands, introduce new trends targeting higher quality in operator training.

Full steam ahead
Rajesh Kumar Ramaswamy and Dieter Ulber, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, discuss the treatment of high conductivity process condensate from steam reformers.

A balancing act: part one
David A.G. Suares, Fluor Daniel India Pvt. Ltd, India, revisits the unbalanced heat method for fractionation tower relief load estimation.

Overcoming challenges: part one
Izak Nieuwoudt and Neil Sandford, Koch-Glitsch, USA, look at addressing the challenges involved with large diameter trayed towers.

Plastic progress
Gerben Meier and Gabriele Mei, LyondellBasell, USA, introduce a new polyethylene technology for the plastics industry.

Cutting through complexity
Casey Brunet, Cornerstone Chemical Co., USA, and Darren Barrington-Light, Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK, consider the benefits of robust data management in the chromatography laboratory.

Fuel for thought
When it comes to lining fired heaters in the petrochemical industry, refractory ceramic fibre has been the go-to material, but it has its drawbacks. Steve Chernack, Morgan Advanced Materials, looks at how these can be mitigated, and a new option for petrochemical operators.

Not just another brick in the wall
Kai Schwickert, Franz-Josef Duennes and Jens Sperber, STEULER Linings, Germany, put the spotlight on refractory performance in sulfur recovery units.

Striding forward
Adam Bader, Brandon Atkins, Erik Fenske, and Jeremy Massey, John Zink Hamworthy Combustion, USA, outline advancements in combustion technology for sulfur applications.

Reaching new heights
Tobias Roelofs and Marco van Son, Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions, the Netherlands, discuss the improvement of an existing sulfur recovery process, which has no impact on sustainability.

Recovering the past
Rocky C. Costello, R.C. Costello & Assoc. Inc., USA, explains the history and chemistry behind a sulfur recovery technology undergoing a revival.

Sulfur review
Hydrocarbon Engineering presents a selection of sulfur technologies and services currently available to plant and refinery operations.

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