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Canaport LNG granted export permission

LNG Industry,

Respol’s Canaport liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal has been given permission by the provincial Department of Environment to export natural gas using tankers.

The approved application will give Canaport LNG the ability to look for better global markets for its natural gas, with higher selling prices.

Company spokeswoman Kate Shannon explained that although there are no immediate plans for tankers to leave the terminal with LNG exports, the option is now available. “There’s really no time line for when we would start – or if we would start”, Shannon commented. “It’s basically there as an option, just in case. We may start this winter, or it may not happen at all.”

Canaport LNG, located in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, opened in 2009 and currently imports LNG from locations including Qatar and Trinidad by tankers. The facility is Canada’s only LNG import terminal and has a maximum export capacity of 28 billion m3 /d of natural gas.

The opportunity to export to global markets with higher selling prices gives the company “more flexibility”, added Shannon.

Edited from various sources by Katie Woodward

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