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Decarbonize now with LNG-to-power

LNG-to-power is a perfect way to transition to clean energy production. LNG is already much cleaner than other fossil fuels and is a reliable partner for renewables. This white paper describes why LNG is the fuel for change.

Decarbonisation of the various sectors, including the energy sector, is the biggest challenge facing the industry. While the hard reduction targets are defined from 2030 on, steps can already be taken for future-proof and LCOE-driven investments that will pave the way for the new energy world.

Although in the long run, fossil fuels will lose their share of the energy production market, in the mid-term they will still remain the main source for energy production. Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and is already able to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 50% compared to coal.

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