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Digital thread & digital twin – the hidden project asset

Historically, the focus of CAPEX project completion has been the successful handover of the physical asset being built by the contractor or EPC to the owner or client. In the past couple of years, there has been increasing appreciation of the value of a complimentary digital footprint of the physical asset known as a digital twin – a virtual representation of the asset.

With the acceptance of digital twins as valuable to CAPEX projects, the addition of digital threads is providing fresh insights, with the duo creating new value for end-result operational assets.

In this white paper, InEight discusses how digital twins can be enhanced by the presence of a digital thread – a virtual representation of the work done during the construction of the asset. The paper goes on to explore how this combination gives the client new insight into the serviceability of the asset during its operational lifespan and enables a more proactive approach to supporting and elongating this lifespan, thus enhancing the total lifespan asset value.

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