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LNG-Induced Risk Premium Amplified Across 2024/2025

ICIS analysis shows prolonged tightness in the global LNG market is expected to leave European gas prices vulnerable to upside risk across 2024 – 2025. LNG dynamics now exert greater control over regional hub prices following the EU’s decision to pivot away from Russian energy supplies, paving the way for deeper ties between the European and Asian gas markets for the foreseeable future.

Current fundamental signals suggest that European supply margins may be comfortable enough to weather most scenarios for the remainder of 2023, but medium-term supply is still at risk.

ICIS’ white paper provides expert analysis of market developments and trends and their impact on the global gas and LNG market. It provides data, insights, and forecasts covering LNG production by region, projections for global supply and demand, as well as the anticipated price response over both the short and medium term.

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