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Insulation advances: Mitigating noise and CUI in your LNG plant

ON DEMAND - High noise levels can be harmful to plant personnel and can also affect productivity. Watch this webinar to learn how proper selection and installation of insulating materials can bring noise levels down at less than 50% the thickness.

Heightened noise levels are harmful to the well-being and productivity of a plant’s personnel as well as the surrounding environment. With excessive noise presenting so many financial and health and safety risks, LNG plants need reliable, cost-effective noise-reduction solutions.

This webinar outlines the most popular acoustic standards in the industry today and distills down to the audience what they need to know in order to best protect their work personnel and profits.

The presentation focuses on one proven solution: stone wool insulation systems for pipes, vessels, and other plant equipment. More specifically, it will address the unique properties and benefits that ProRox stone wool insulation products deliver to reduce noise from LNG operations to below industry standards while also delivering proven solutions for the pervasive problem of corrosion under insulation (CUI).


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