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Training today’s workforce to optimise productivity and address skill gaps

ON DEMAND - LNG facilities are propelling towards a digital future with possibilities for optimisation and new business models. A skilled and agile workforce should therefore be at the forefront to drive this change. Every worker in the plant should be well equipped to solve mission critical problems in real-time, and work with data-driven insights to reduce losses and increase operational efficiency.

Honeywell's Immersive Field Simulator (IFS) is a virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR)-based training tool which provides targeted, on-demand, skills-based training for workers. The VR capabilities provide accurate, real-time information regarding plant-wide applications.

Register to watch Honeywell's webinar and discover how IFS can help train your workforce effectively, as plant performance is tied with workforce performance. Honeywell will also showcase a quick demo of the simulator to familiarise you with various functionalities.


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