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Advanced boil-off gas compression solutions for marine applications

ON DEMAND - Burckhardt Compression offers a wide portfolio of reciprocating piston compressors for boil-off handling and fuel gas supply on ships. In this on demand webinar, the portfolio of individual low-pressure and high-pressure compressor solutions will be presented.

Burckhardt Compression has been a well-known compressor supplier to the maritime industries since the 1960s. In 2016, the first Laby®-GI high-pressure compressor systems installed onboard LNG carriers started their duty, supplying fuel gas to MAN B&W ME-GI dual-fuel engines. In the meantime, more than 1.3 million operating hours have been accumulated with this product line and a new generation of the Laby-GI – the oil-free compressing Mk. III – is available now.

With the growth of LNG as fuel in shipping, Burckhardt Laby low-pressure compressors entered the market for boil-off handling on LNG bunker ships and fuel gas supply on merchant vessels, such as tankers and bulk carriers. The product range offers oil-free and gas-tight compressor solutions ranging from 300 kg/h up to 5000 kg/h boil-off gas (BOG).

To cover the need for a BOG compressor for ME-GI propelled merchant ships, a compact high-pressure trunk piston compressor solution is available.

This presentation is aimed at owners and ship designers who are dealing with LNG as fuel.


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