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Expanding LNG Import Capacity Europe 2023

Expanding LNG Import Capacity Europe 2023

28 February 2023 - 01 March 2023


Designed to bring together terminal operators, LNG traders, port authorities, FSRU conversion companies, and regulators, this conference will provide a comprehensive range of solutions, including commercial, policy, financing, and technical, and explore how to turn the current crisis into an opportunity to invest in new gas and related infrastructure.

Agenda highlights include:

  • Examine possibilities for sourcing additional quantities of LNG to decide the optimal strategy for the future.
  • Hear national and European Commission policymakers on potential investment and growth timelines for significant infrastructure assets, cross-border pipelines, and LNG terminals.
  • Determine how LNG import capacity in terms of terminals, cross-border pipelines, and infrastructure for regasification may be made available until approximately 2026.
  • FSRU Strategy: Find out if FSRUs should be used as a temporary stopgap measure or if they could be utilised more permanently.
  • Determine the practical advantages of building onshore capacity if hydrogen is to replace LNG eventually.

Whether you operate an onshore terminal, aim to grow through the deployment of FSRUs or trade LNG, this event is an absolute must-attend, examining short-term and long-term possibilities for expanding the capacity of LNG import terminals, cross-border pipelines, and other vital infrastructure assets.