LNG Fuel 2020

January 21, 2020

An online conference focusing on the latest developments
in the 'LNG as a marine fuel' sector

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Presentations at LNG Fuel 2020

Tune in from anywhere in the world and learn about the latest developments in the 'LNG as a marine fuel' sector. Below are details on some of the presentations we have during the online conference.

ABS Group

LNG as a marine fuel: Crew training and competence

This presentation provides a practical overview of LNG marine fuel crew training and competence requirements for safe bunkering of LNG fuelled vessels.

The focus is on providing vessel owners, operators and stakeholders with usable guidance for developing crew training programs and implelmenting operational procedures that reduce risk, support the safe use of LNG fuel and comply with the specific requirements of STCW and other regulatory authorities.

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LNG as a marine fuel: Sailing towards a cleaner future

In this presentation Deloitte will review the current environmental regulations applied to the shipping and maritime industry. It will assess the impact of the regulations such as IMO 2020 on critical parts of the value chain including ship owners/operators and fuel refiners. There’s particular focus on the future marine fuel mix and the role that LNG will likely play as the maritime sector reduces its carbon footprint.

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LNG membrane tank for CMA CGM 23K TEU vessels

In November 2017, CMA CGM was the first ship owner to decide to select LNG as the fuel for its future series of nine ultra large container vessels. Giving up heavy fuel oil which is the current industry standard to LNG is a technological breakthrough contributing to environmental protection. Storing enough LNG on board a giant container vessel to make it able to sail and return from North Europe to China is the challenge faced by GTT.

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Port of Rotterdam

Fuelling the future with LNG

Maud Eijgendaal, Business Manager LNG, Bunkering & Cruise, gives an insight into the Port of Rotterdam, discusses the latest updates about LNG in the port and presents upcoming plans for 2020.

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TGE marine

Innovative tank setups for LNG fuel gas systems

This presentation will give an overview of different tank designs, setups and installations for LNG fuel gas systems.

Fuel gas systems are composed by many different subsystems. The core part of all systems is the LNG fuel gas tank. For non-gas carriers, the tank design aim is to reduce lost cargo space to a minimum, whereas operation of the tank, and consequently operation of the fuel gas system has to be operator friendly.

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