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Editorial comment

The world of energy is changing fast. According to BP’s latest ‘World Energy Outlook’ renewables are the fastest growing source of energy, contributing half of the growth in global energy supplies and becoming the largest source of power by 2040.

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In light of this, Palladian Publications has relaunched Energy Global as the new home for the renewables sector. Our website – - will cover the latest news and industry developments in solar, wind, bioenergy, energy storage, electric & hybrid energy, along with other forms of renewable energy.

This first issue of Energy Global magazine includes three interesting articles. The first, a collaborative effort from Annelotech, IFP Energies and Axens, looks at a new route to renewable fuel blendstocks. Biofabrik Group outline a method of producing carbon dioxide neutral fuel from waste oils, and Halliburton examine how drilling expertise from the oil and gas sector can be transferred to geothermal wells.

We hope you enjoy this issue!

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