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WEBINAR - Overcoming common barriers to digitalisation

WEBINAR - Overcoming common barriers to digitalisation

02 December 2021 - 02 December 2021


While the benefits of digitalisation for the natural gas industry are enormous, the implementation and transformation journey can be difficult. There are so many issues to consider and questions to answer, it can seem like there are more barriers than pathways forward. For instance, what are your pain points and areas that lack visibility? What do you hope to gain from digitalisation? How will your upstream, midstream, and downstream teams benefit from the shift to standardised tech? How will you deal with the inevitable resistance to change?

Understanding these potential roadblocks and how to overcome them – before you start your digitalisation efforts – is the key you need to successfully unlock your best outcomes. But where should you start?

At InEight, we understand the challenges of digitalisation because we face them every day – for ourselves and for our customers. Let us share what we have learned with you.

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Catie Williams

Director of Product Management at InEight

Natalie Takacs

Product Manager, Connected Analytics at InEight