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27 May 2021 - 27 May 2021


The programme comprises Keynote, Deep Dive, User Cases and Expert Talk. Listen to the experts dealing with these applications on their day-to-day basis and gain deeper insights in project management, compression technology and services. Hence, in his keynote Tobias Puklavec, Senior Head of Sales and Business Development from TGE Gas Engineering will showcase his "Brownfield" experiences with the expansion of the LNG Terminal in Sines, Portugal – a great opportunity for LNG Terminal owners, operators and EPC contractors alike. A Deep Dive following hereafter from NEA GROUP about technical details and challenges for LNG BOG Compression by reciprocating compressors and their advantages in these applications will round off the cryogenic side of methane.

Looking at the warmer side, BIOMETHANE will gain market shares as multi-tasking champion due to its capability of feeding the gas grid and/or being converted by Small Modular Steam Methane Reformers (SMR) to Hydrogen. Why not learn from ARCANUM how to make best use of your biomass or other renewable power sources?

And in the end, as no machine should run without being monitored, NEAC Compressor Service will demonstrate the advantages of the digital platform XPLORE|compressors providing quick access to crucial information of asset performance.